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Video Find of the Day: I’ve Just Started Living – The Cathedrals w/ Ernie Haase

July 29, 2010 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG History, SG Music, The Cathedrals

Props to Clarence Grigsby for this upload. Although Ernie Haase apparently sung this Danny Funderburk signature many times during his tenure with The Cathedrals, it has not hit the Internet yet. Although it was originally uploaded to Facebook only, it is now available on Youtube:


What I like about Haase’s take on it is that he did not merely scream out high notes trying to match Funderburk’s power tenor. Rather, he takes the song and makes it his own, while staying within his range. Some of the points at which Funderburk would hit higher notes (“I’d be covered in trouble, There’d be no place to go..”), Haase wisely opted to go lower, rather than straining to match those notes.¬†Going that route probably did two things to make it possible for the group to still effectively stage the song: it saved Ernie’s voice quite a bit, and putting his own spin on it made it unique to him and still delivered, rather than sounding like a cover group tenor trying to replicate Danny’s every note.

Although Ernie Haase & Signature Sound did not do this song in their Cathedrals tribute, this video gives a fair glimpse into what Ernie’s take would sound like.