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Robert Fulton Is The New Gold City Tenor

April 10, 2013 By: Aaron Category: Gold City, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

There have been several groups on the market for a new tenor singer, but one book seems to finally closed on that, as Tim Riley gave word in a recent radio interview that Robert Fulton, formerly of Palmetto State Quartet, is singing the high part for Gold City. Fulton has been filling in/auditioning for the past several weeks. Head over and check out the interview; the stuff concerning the tenor position comes at around 3:40.

Hopefully, there will be some video footage of Fulton that surfaces with the group around the time of an official press release (though I think that word from Tim Riley is official enough), but so far I haven’t found anything on Youtube that really showcases the new sound. For now, though, here’s a clip from a few weeks ago made available by Gospel Music Today on Facebook.

From what I have heard so far, Fulton brings a different sound to Gold City, but it is one that I believe will be a benefit. I will say that I was surprised at first when I heard him sing songs like “I’m Not Giving Up,” as Palmetto State’s material never really sent him into that range, but he pulled it off.

Youtube Spotlight: Freedom

June 25, 2012 By: Aaron Category: Concert Reviews, Freedom, SG Artists, SG Music, Youtube

This past Friday night, I headed over to Wirtz, VA to hear Freedom sing at Halesford Baptist Church. The church hosts several concerts each year, and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the groups that are brought in. This concert was no exception. This relatively new trio features tenor John Rulapaugh, lead Josh Garner, and baritone Tyler Vestal. Here are some videos that I took during the concert: