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Gold City Hires Chip Pullen

October 01, 2013 By: Aaron Category: Gold City, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Anchormen

In a surprising announcement this morning, Gold City lead singer Jerry Pelfrey announced that he is stepping away from the group to re-launch his family group, The Pelfreys:

In a joint statement, Gold City manager Danny Riley and lead singer Jerry Pelfrey announce Jerry will be leaving the award-winning quartet to reorganize his family group, The Pelfreys. Jerry’s last day with the group will be Wednesday, October 16th at Dollywood Theme Park in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Danny says, “Anyone who has heard Jerry sing knows he has been a great addition to Gold City vocally and behind the scenes as well. We could make this a sad occasion over losing a valued team member, but in reality, no one knows more the importance of traveling with family than my father (Tim Riley) and I. We respect Jerry for taking this opportunity to be with his family at this time in all of their lives. Gold City asks that you join us in praying for the Pelfreys that God would bless their ministry and allow them to do His work for many years to come.”

The Pelfreys will feature Jerry, his wife, Mikki, and Jerry’s sister, Kim Pelfrey Van Hoozier. Jerry says, “I will be honest. I’m scared to death, but ever since the song Lord of Life, I have had a burden to personally be more specific in asking people who Jesus is to them. Once I made the decision with my family to re-establish The Pelfreys, I’ve had a peace about it. We covet your prayers as we step out in faith to launch this new ministry.”

Gold City’s new lead vocalist is Chip Pullen, who most recently has sang with the Anchormen and is an Alabama native. He will assume his role with Gold City on Thursday, October 17th. Danny says, “We know fans are going to fall in love with Chip. We are excited about our future as we continue to make great gospel music for the glory of God.”

Gold City is booked exclusively by The Beckie Simmons Agency. For more information about Gold City or to schedule a concert, visit www.bsaworld.com or www.goldcityqt.com.

I have appreciated Jerry’s contributions to the Gold City sound over the past couple of years, and am glad to see that he will still be singing. Both parties should be commended on such a smooth, friendly transition.

As for Chip Pullen, Gold City has capitalized on a great young talent that has only recently stepped into the national spotlight with The Anchormen. These two clips of his work with that group show that he will be a great fit for the sound and direction that Gold City is cultivating: