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Triumphant Quartet Signs With StowTown Records

June 30, 2014 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Triumphant Quartet

StowTown Records has done it again by grabbing one of the biggest names in Southern Gospel music. From the Singing News:

June 30, 2014 (Nashville, TN) – StowTown Records is proud to announce the signing of GRAMMY-nominated and multi-award winning gospel quartet, Triumphant.

The GMA/Dove-nominated group is set for its premier release with StowTown in March 2015. Triumphant will once again partner with producer and StowTown co-founder Wayne Haun on the project.

“I cannot wait to get back in the studio with these guys. They are so talented, and working with them is always a pleasure,” said Haun. “They are genuine and downright fun. We make a great team.”

The longstanding fan-favorite quartet, based in Pigeon Forge, TN, consists of lead vocalist Clayton Inman, his son and baritone Scotty Inman, bass Eric Bennett, and tenor David Sutton.

“Triumphant has had the opportunity of working with Wayne Haun and Landon Beene over the past several years. We have been friends with (StowTown co-founder) Ernie Haase throughout his career,” added Sutton.”We are so excited to join the incredible team that God has put together at StowTown Records. We look forward to being able to create wonderful music together that will touch audiences all across the country. We can’t wait to see what God has in store.”

Triumphant was most recently with The Mansion Entertainment. Purely from an observational standpoint, it seemed that since signing with that label, all projects except the first one (Love Came Calling, one of their best to date) had been independent releases. Many probably did not even notice, as these independent releases were of the same level of quality as a “mainline release,” and even garnered some radio attention. StowTown seems to keep pretty busy, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more label releases from the group.

Having Wayne Haun on hand to produce and arrange material may also help to ease the transition for the group following the departure of Jeff Stice, although I imagine that since he is doing solo dates and studio work now, he will still have at least a part in that role.

Triumphant Quartet Offers Free Song Download

March 06, 2012 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Triumphant Quartet

The wave of tornadoes that recently hit parts of the US affected many people in some way. In light of all this, Triumphant Quartet is offering a free download of one of their new songs, “God Works All Things For Good,” which was written by and features bass singer Eric Bennett. Bennett wrote the song after his two nephews were killed in the tornadoes that hit Alabama about a year ago. The download actually consists of two tracks; one is a live version that is prefaced by Bennett’s testimony about the song, and the other is the studio version that was released on the group’s latest project, Songs from the Heart. The group hopes that this song can be used to speak to those affected by the tornadoes, or any trial that may be going on in their life.

You can obtain the download by going to the group’s Bandcamp site.

CD Review: Triumphant Quartet – Love Came Calling

November 16, 2010 By: Aaron Category: CD Reviews, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Triumphant Quartet

Rating: 4.5 stars

Producer: Wayne Haun
Label: Mansion Entertainment
Website: www.triumphantquartet.com

Buy Here

Track list: “Saved By Grace,” “Love Came Calling,” “I Can Take You To The Place,” “Mercy, Forgiveness and Grace,” “Movin’ Up To Gloryland,” “The Undertaker,” “Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven,” “We Shall Overcome,” “Holy Hands,” “The Cross of Christ,” “You’ll Find Me There”

There are some groups that have established themselves in their time in the Southern Gospel industry as a group whose sound is instantly recognizable, whether it be in the style in which they sing, the vocal components, or both. Triumphant Quartet is definitely part of that class of groups. They also are distinctive in that they are one of those rare groups who have never had a lineup change in their entire existence, which is going on nine years. That’s quite impressive in and of itself, and no less impressive is this group’s ability to find and record material that is of considerable quality. Love Came Calling, the quartet’s first effort on the Mansion Entertainment label, continues that trend.

Out of the eleven songs featured on this project, four are re-imaginings of songs, which is a term that I use for a song that has been done before, but is taken by the group and made different enough that it is not merely a cover version. The first track, “Saved By Grace,” was done originally by The McGruders and is given an upbeat, orchestrated sound that is typical of a Wayne Haun production. The built-in encore seems a little redundant, especially with the fade-out ending, but that does not take away entirely from the quality of the song. Other covers include “Movin’ Up To Gloryland,” which features David Sutton delivering the famous “movin” standouts on the chorus in different ways throughout the song to give some variety, “Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven,” a jazzed-up Ronnie Milsap hit that features Clayton Inman, and “We Shall Overcome,” a Nelons classic that is also very well-orchestrated.

The original songs on Love Came Calling are no less stellar. The title track lets baritone Scott Inman deliver the song in a soft, understated way that lets the lyric effectively communicate, making it one his finer features to date. “I Can Take You To The Place,” is a brand-new song done in a straight-ahead convention style that the group does well. Tenor David Sutton takes the lead on “Mercy, Forgiveness, and Grace,” a new ballad that, like Scott Inman’s feature, is one of the best Sutton has done. Bass singer Eric Bennett delivers an eerie lyric about death from the perspective of the undertaker in a song entitled “The Undertaker.” The elder Inman sings a mid-tempo tune about the peace that comes knowing that “Holy Hands” hold us, and then the younger one carries a powerful ballad about the Cross in “The Cross of Christ,” and then turns around immediately following that to take the second verse on an upbeat new offering from the writing team of he and Joseph Habedank. Like the project’s start, this is a strong song that highlights the group’s harmonies, and shows that Inman can deliver a range of styles effectively, and it turns out to be one of the project’s best tracks.

Final thoughts: Like I mentioned earlier, Triumphant’s strength lies in having a very recognizable sound, and part of that is retaining the same lineup in their entire existence. Such consistency allows for a better harmony and sound, which in turn makes for good music. However, you can have great harmony and still have mediocre songs. Fortunately, Triumphant has time and time again avoided that pitfall. This project embodies a collection of both new songs that are high-quality, and old songs that are given new life. The production fits both the songs and the singers to a T, giving a bit of life to the music, but not so much so that it becomes distracting. I came into this review expecting a good product, and I did not leave disappointed.

Bottom line: Fans of Triumphant Quartet will find nothing to complain about here, as the group continues to produce quality material, even after a record label switch.

Stuff I Missed – March 2010 Edition

March 13, 2010 By: Aaron Category: Blackwood Quartet, Ryan Seaton, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Triumphant Quartet

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life and other projects for this blog to work on, I missed several big news items in the world of SG.

1. Ryan Seaton Launches Solo Career – Many were wondering what path Seaton would take after his departure from Ernie Haase & Signature Sound in December. On Monday, that question was answered, when he announced that he was partnering with Innovation Management & Consulting to launch his solo career. This is an interesting move; most of Ryan’s presence has come in the form of being a quartet man (Dixie Melody Boys & Signature Sound), so it is worth watching to see how his sound will evolve in the solo realm. Best of luck to Ryan in this new endeavor! You can keep up with him through Facebook and his website.

2. Triumphant Signs With Mansion Entertainment – In another unexpected change, Triumphant Quartet announced that they are leaving their longtime record label, Daywind Records, and signing with Mansion Entertainment, with promises of a new live project from The Mansion Theater. Wayne Haun will be producing. Bill Traylor has a history of making great things happen when he is involved, and as president of Mansion Entertainment, he’s made a great move by signing this quartet.

3. Dan Keeton Joins Blackwood Quartet – Earlier this month, it was announced that Ron Blackwood was coming off the road, Josh Garner and John Rulapaugh were leaving the Blackwood Quartet as well, and Mark Blackwood was bringing tenor Dale Evans and lead David Mann and merging the quartets together for a reloaded Blackwood Quartet. The changes have not stopped there, though; it was announced Friday that Dan Keeton would be replacing Dale Evans, as Evans is coming off the road to spend more time with his family. Keeton filled in with the group on recent dates, and “everything simply came together,” as he put it.

With the lineup of Dan Keeton, Mark Blackwood, David Mann, and Chris West, this quartet is a stellar vocal group. Mann has promised big things coming for the group on various blogs, so stay tuned.

NQC 2009: Saturday Night

September 21, 2009 By: Aaron Category: Booth Brothers, Brian Free And Assurance, NQC 2009, SG Artists, SG Music, Triumphant Quartet

Sorry for taking so long to put this up. Time constraints had me tied down.

NQC 2009 has come to a close after a great week. In a way, it’s sad, because I’m not ready for it to be over yet, but in another way, it’s a relief because I’m worn out and I’m tired of staying up till 2 AM doing these reports!

1. Brian Free & Assurance recovered nicely from their technical difficulties. Their track wouldn’t start so they ended up doing the a capella tune from their Worth It project, “There Is A Kingdom Coming.” It sounded really good; everybody who thought it was too sonically enhanced on the CD should know that it sounded just as good live and off the cuff. They had to decide to do it at the last minute; I know for a fact it was not on the set list for the night.

2. Booth Brothers won a majority of the Fan Awards they were nominated for again. They got the ball rolling a couple years ago and haven’t let up since. Triumphant Quartet had a good year in the awards as well, winning such awards as Eric Bennett for favorite bass (he’s deserved that for years), Jeff Stice for Favorite Musician, and favorite quartet going to Triumphant. Here’s a complete list of winners:

-Musician. Jeff Stice
-Horizon Individual. Jacob Kitson
-Baritone. Jim Brady
-Bass. Eric Bennet
-Young Artist. Joseph Hadabank
-Lead singer. Ronnie Booth
-Soprano. Kim Hopper
-Tenor. Michael Booth
-Alto. Libbi Stuffle
-Norcross/Templeton Award. Jerry Kirksey
-Promoter. Twila Rhoer?
-Male Singer. Ronnie Booth
-Horizon Group. Crist Family
-Song Writer. Rodney Griffin
-Mixed Quartet. Hoppers
-Album. Room For More-Booth Brothers
-Trio. Booth Brothers
Quartet. Triumphant Quartet
-Song of the year. What Salvations Done For Me-Booth Brothers
-Artist of the year. Booth Brothers

3. Speaking of the awards, the show went FAR too long this year. Everything just seemed to drag. I don’t mind the winners talking, but the comedy and stuff like that was just claptrap. I heard one lady in my section say “I coulda done all that in 45 minutes.” I overheard other such comments both in Freedom Hall and in the exhibit area. Make the awards show interesting, but don’t overdo it. Nobody likes that.

Sound issues abounded again, but once again, I can’t say anything different than what I said every other night. The NQC would do well to a get new sound crew for next year. And I heard several people complain about the bass guitar on the tracks sounding like certain people that roll into parking lots with their bass thumping in their cars. It’s annoying.

Triumphant Quartet To Hit The Road

August 23, 2007 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Triumphant Quartet

According to fellow blogger Daniel Mount, Triumphant will start traveling fulltime starting in January.
I must say, I agree with DM on this one; what will happen to the lineup? Full-time travel for a group used to spending most of their time in one location can end up in members leaving.

We shall see…