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Troy Peach Returns To The Perrys

October 27, 2014 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Perrys

After announcing baritone Bryan Walker’s resignation to answer his call to preach, The Perrys are seeing a return of a former member of the group. From the Singing News:


“Like a son coming home,” is how Libbi Perry Stuffle makes the announcement describing the return of Troy Peach to the Perrys, a position he last held four years ago. Troy replaces the departing Bryan Walker, whose resignation was announced two weeks ago. Troy comes to the group having most recently toured with the Bowling Family.

Troy says, “I’m thrilled to be back with the Perrys! Libbi and Tracy are literally like family. We live five minutes from each other. Jarod is like a little brother. Andrew is among the best talents in our industry. And who sings better songs than the Perrys? After four years, it feels good to be back with Tracy and Libbi. It is my goal to, of course, be that vocal part they need, but also to assist Libbi in all aspects of the group’s ministry. I do believe in timing and seasons for everything, and I beleive that this is the right time to step back on the Perrys bus and do what I can to help the group continue to grow and prosper.”

The transition to the Perrys will take place in the next two weeks. The Perrys thank everyone for their continued prayers and support during this time.

Here’s one of my favorite Troy Peach features from his first tenure with the group. His wife, Katy, is filling in for Libbi in this clip.

The Perrys Hire David Ragan

June 21, 2013 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Perrys

When Joseph Habedank stepped down from The Perrys, it opened wide the door to speculation as to who would take his place. Habedank’s lead singing work was an integral part of the group’s sound for the past few years, giving them an instantly recognizable sound if you were to hear them on a random radio station. When David Ragan, recently departed Inspirations lead singer, came up to fill-in, people started to wonder if he was the answer. As Youtube videos cropped up, the buzz was generally favorable toward his hire, but with a newborn baby, it was up in the air. That question was answered in the early hours of this morning:

The Perrys are pleased to announce the addition of David Ragan as their new lead singer. David, who has been filling in the past two weeks, will be stepping into the role full-time. David most recently sang with the Inspirations, and he brings to this award-winning mixed group not only a great lead voice, but also touring experience. He is “road ready,” which was an important hiring consideration, while Tracy continues to recover from a stroke suffered in January and Libbi works select dates while tending to Tracy’s care.

David is thrilled to be a part of the Perrys. He admits, “Whenever the Inspirations would sing with the Perrys, I always enjoyed it. I’ve been a fan of theirs for along time. With the lead singers they’ve had through the years, I know I have big shoes to fill, and I’m thankful for that opportunity. I thought the biggest change for me would be going from a male group to one that’s co-ed, but Bryan, Leah and I gelled almost immediately. They’re both laid back and very easy to travel with. Bryan is such a great singer with one of the best hearts. And Libbi is incredible. I’m not sure I could put into words the grace and determination she has. I admire her and Tracy both very much, and respect this ministry they’ve built. I’m very happy to be a part of this fine team.”

Libbi says, “On behalf of the Perrys, Tracy and I are thrilled to welcome David, his wife Michelle, and son Bradley to our FAMILY!” We have known David for several years and have always admired his love for God, the music and the fans. We are excited to start a new chapter with David.”

For more information on the Perrys, visit their website at www.perrysministries.com.
To schedule the Perrys, visit www.harperagency.comhttp://www.perrysministries.com/.

Here’s the video that sealed the deal for me in supporting David’s hire to The Perrys:

Joseph Habedank Departs The Perrys

May 21, 2013 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Perrys

In a move that is among the most unexpected this year, the lead singer for the group has made this announcement on their Facebook page:

Dear Friends,

After 10 years of having the great privilege to serve with the Perrys, I have decided to step down as Lead Singer at this time. Libbi and I talked earlier this week, and while I would never want to abandon her in such a great time of need, sometimes The Lord has other plans. There aren’t enough words for me to express how truly grateful I am for both Tracy and Libbi giving me the opportunity that they have. They are like parents to me and I love them dearly. I will miss them.

To the Gospel Music community, thank you all for loving and accepting me over the years. I never dreamed that The Lord would allow me to feel so loved by the fans of Gospel Music. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

As for my future, only The Lord knows what He has in store. I am confident of this one thing tho; I am absolutely nothing without Him and I only want His perfect will for my life. My wife, Lindsay, and I both covet your prayers in this time of transition. We love you all.

With a grateful heart,
Joseph Habedank

Libbi Perry Stuffle also had this to say:

A personal note from Libbi,

While it saddens me that Joseph is leaving, we definitely respect his and Lindsay’s need to reevaluate their lives and future. He has been like a son to me and Tracy. Although he is leaving our group, we will always consider him part of our family.

As for the Perry’s, we will continue on. It is my plan to be back on the road as soon and as much as possible. I don’t have all the answers right now, but God is in control. Thank you for your love and prayers for me, Tracy, Jared, Bryan, and Leah; and your continued support of the group.

In His Grip,

Prayers are going out to both parties. This transition is especially tough given all the group is going through right now with Tracy, and I have no doubt it was a decision that was not made lightly.

Joseph has become a definitive voice in Southern Gospel music over his tenure with the group, and his songwriting skills have also made a big impact for both The Perrys and other groups. I trust we’ll continue seeing his name in songwriter credits even if he is not on the road.

Troy Peach Departs The Perrys, Bryan Walker Joins

October 14, 2010 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Perrys

From the press release sent out by the group earlier today:

Daywind Recording artists, The Perrys, have announced that Bryan Walker will be joining the award-winning group effective October 22, 2010. Bryan will be singing baritone, filling the vacancy created by the departure of Troy Peach. Bryan is no stranger to Southern Gospel music as he has been a member of Safe Harbor and the Dixie Melody Boys. Most recently, he has served as a police officer for the city of Sevierville, Tennessee.

“Troy feels that his work with the Perrys is done, so we want to offer our appreciation for all of the hard work and effort that he gave to our group during the past two and a half years,” says Tracy Stuffle of the Perrys. “We love Troy and we wish him nothing but God’s blessings for all of his future plans.

“At the same time,” continues Tracy, “we’re excited about welcoming Bryan Walker to our group. He’s a great young man and a fine singer. So make sure you say hello to him at a concert soon!”

I share the same reaction that many have had: this was not a move I expected. Peach brought a solid sound and energetic stage presence to the group, and did an excellent job on their new project, Blue Skies (the review of which will be posted on this blog tomorrow.) However, Walker brings a great voice to the table as well, and he has good stage presence from what I remember of his DMB days. It will be interesting to hear how the new voice will change the dynamic of the group.

Gold City Announces New Pianist

September 20, 2010 By: Aaron Category: Gold City, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Perrys

Via the Singing News, Gold City has announced that Bryan Elliott is taking the piano bench:

During the week of the National Quartet Convention, Gold City announced that Bryan Elliott has been named as the new pianist for the quartet. Bryan has a long history in Southern Gospel music, with tenures with the Anchormen, the Palmetto State Quartet and most recently, the Perrys.

“Bryan is a fine young man,” says Tracy Stuffle of the Perrys. “We have enjoyed having him as a part of our group and all of us in the Perrys sincerely wish him the absolute best as he joins Gold City. He will always be a member of our family and this group.”

“We’ve known Bryan for many years,” adds Gold City’s Daniel Riley, “so this is more than bringing a pianist on board – we’re adding a long-time friend. Bryan will be with us as we head out for this weekend.”

I had heard about this change near the end of NQC week; glad to see that the rumors did indeed pan out.

Hiring Elliott was a smart move on the part of Gold City; he’s a young guy with the stage presence to fit the group’s current image, but also has a piano style that will fit their sound. The fact that, as Daniel stated, they are adding a “long-time friend” will help the transition go smoothly as well.

Concert Review: Greater Love & The Perrys

July 12, 2010 By: Aaron Category: Concert Reviews, Greater Love, SG Artists, SG Music, The Perrys

This past Saturday night, I made the hour-long trip to Buena Vista, VA for the last night of the VA Southern Gospel Jubilee, an outdoor three-day event held every July. I had been out of town all week and had just gotten back home that day, but since I’d never seen The Perrys outside of NQC and they don’t come to the area that often, I decided it was too good to pass up.

The concert started at 5:00, with close to an hour of musical groups affiliated with the local church that puts on the event. I took this opportunity to chat with some of the singers, and enjoyed talking with Troy Peach, Joseph Habedank, and Tracy and Libbi Stuffle.

At about 5:30, the first headliner group, Greater Love, took the stage. Subscribers to the Singing News may remember this Orange, VA based group getting a feature article in the May 2010 edition. I couldn’t name any of the songs they did, as this was my first time ever hearing them, but I was told that most of their songs were from their newest release. The group has a good sound and blend. One particular interesting note is that their bass singer, Don Leake, had open-heart surgery months ago, and it had not looked like he would be able to make the event. However, he was in good health, and did very well in the group’s set.

After an offering being taken up, The Perrys launched into their set. They started off with “I Love To Tell Of His Love,” “I Know It Was The Blood,” and “Still Blessed,” one right after the other. Other songs of the night included “Prior To A Prayer,” “This Old Sinner Testifies,” “Did I Mention?” “I Wish I Could Have Been There,” and “If You Knew Him.” Bryan Elliot did a remarkably fast piano solo, and Tracy Stuffle also did his chainsaw impersonation.

This particular lineup has really gelled well. The voices play really well off of each other, and an A Capella encore of “Did I Mention” really highlighted that fact. Tracy Stuffle’s style of MC work connects with the audience really well. He injects a good dose of humor throughout the program, but also builds up to songs very well, as he did with the closer, “If You Knew Him.” That particular song led into an altar call that had many going forward, and was twice encored with just piano.

If you have the chance to see either of these groups, this blogger highly recommends them. Although the sets were not as long as a regular event might be, I was still impressed with both.

The Perrys @ The Dove Awards – "If You Knew Him"

April 26, 2010 By: Aaron Category: Dove Awards 2010, SG Artists, SG Music, The Perrys

Check out this video of the group singing one of their more popular songs at the 2010 Dove Awards. Although it’s an abbreviated version, it’s worth watching because of the totally live track.

NQC 2009: Tuesday Night

September 16, 2009 By: Aaron Category: Gold City, NQC 2009, SG Artists, SG Music, The Isaacs, The Perrys

Another night of NQC 2009 has come and gone. Some thoughts on tonight:

1. Maybe The Perrys just “make you feel” when they sing, but no one can deny that The Perrys singing “If You Knew Him” was probably the most powerful moment of the night. The place was on its feet at the end of the second verse and it never let up after that.

2. The Isaacs should have done their “almost a cappella” thing a long time ago. The a cappella tune they did tonight brought the house down.

3. More sound issues, unfortunately. Instead of turned off mics, tonight it was mics that popped, sizzled. and screeched all over the place. Can we go a night without issue?

Anything else? Feel free to comment.

As an added bonus, here’s the first song of Gold City’s set last night.

Update: Well, never mind about the video. The user pulled them off of Youtube.

New Baritone For The Perrys

February 24, 2009 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Perrys

Just one day after the announcement of Nick Trammell’s departure from the group, Libbi Stuffle announced The Perrys’ new baritone vocalist in the latest edition of their newsletter:

As many of you know, Nick Trammell our baritone resigned this past weekend from the group. He has been a part of our group for two and a half years. We love Nick and Jessica and we wish them all the best in their future plans. We have watched Nick grow up from a baby into a fine young man over the years and we love him just like a son. We will miss him, but we know God will bless him for his faithfulness. Please pray for Nick and Jessica that God will lead them in the direction He wants them to go.

Troy Peach will be filling the baritone position. Troy has been with our group for the past year as one of our sound techs and bus drivers. He also filled in for Nick back in December while Nick was off for his wedding and did a great job. Troy is no stranger to singing as you may remember him with Jeff and Sheri Steele and later his own group First Love. We have known Troy for years and have watched him develop into a hard working young man. With the economic situation right now going on in not only gospel music but the whole country, we feel like this is the thing to do, this is not taking away from the fact that Troy is a great singer and we have traveled with him and we know his life. He is so easy to get a long with and that counts for a lot when you travel on a 45 foot bus four days out of the week and sometimes more. Troy has a heart and passion for not only our music, but gospel music as a whole and he wants to do his part to make it all it can be. He is already a part of our “family” so now we have just tied him in even more! Troy is so excited about being able to sing again and we are excited to have him sing with us. Troy’s wife Katy is in full support of Troy and his new position with our group. Katy is enjoying being able to stay home with their 3 year old twin boys Clayton and Shelton while they are little. It has been over- whelming at the emails we have received from people all across the United States who love Troy and have ask us to please give him the position. This shows us that Troy has made a lot of friends during his time in gospel music that love him, his singing and his humble attitude. We feel God placed Troy under our noses for this purpose.

It was guessed on many of the other blogs that this would happen, and it seems that their hunches were correct. Everyone who heard Troy fill in with The Perrys has said that the group sounded great together. I am not too familar with Troy’s vocal work, so I am anticipating hearing him sing on the upcoming Perrys project, Almost Morning.

Nick Trammell Resigns From The Perrys

February 23, 2009 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Perrys

It would seem the personnel change bug has bitten Southern Gospel Music once again here recently. From The Perrys’ newsletter today:


Nick Trammell has tenured his resignation to the Perrys. Trammell joined the group as baritone vocalist in August of 2006.

“I would like to thank all of those who have supported and loved me over the past two-and-a-half years,” says Nick. “I don’t feel that I am done in Southern Gospel music, nor in ministry. But for now, I feel God is moving me to a new chapter in my life. I don’t know what is to come but I believe stepping out in faith is what I need to do to be shown what is next.

“I would like to thank Tracy, Libbi and all of those on the Perrys’ bus for giving me a chance and taking me in as family. I wish them God’s best in the future. Please continue to pray for Jessica and I as we seek God’s will for whatever it is that God has in store for us. We love you all.”

“We certainly wish Nick God’s blessings on all of his endeavors,” adds Tracy Stuffle of the Perrys. “God rewards faith, and as such, we know that God can use Nick in ways that will honor Him.

“When personnel changes have come our way in the past, we’ve anxiously awaited to see the person God would put in our path. We hope to be able to announce the name of our new baritone soon.” Troy Peach will be filling in until a decision has been made.”

I must say this is another change I never saw coming. Certainly, Nick Trammell has been a tremendous asset to the group, and he is a fine young vocalist whom I hope to see traveling with a group again soon.

I’m curious to see who The Perrys will hire as their next baritone. The Perrys have never been slouches in who they hire, so it will be interesting to see. Their upcoming project hasn’t had vocals recorded yet, to the best of my knowledge, so the replacement should have no trouble leaving his own mark on it.