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Some Cool Footage Of The Greats

December 01, 2007 By: Aaron Category: Gold City, JD Sumner, SG Artists, SG Music, The Anchormen, The Cathedrals, The Masters V, The Stamps Quartet

Ah, the wonders of Youtube.

I found these videos of some great quartets and such and figured y’all might enjoy them.

This is The Anchormen singing “It’s A Wonderful Day”

Gold City singing “Shouting Ground”

The Cathedrals singing “I’ve Just Started Living”

The Cathedrals singing “Standing On Holy Ground”

The Stamps singing “Some Dawning”

JD Sumner & The Stamps singing “His Hands”

Masters V singing “You Can’t Be A Beacon”

Apparently, all these videos are from 1990. Pretty cool stuff.