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News Roundup 1-7-13

January 07, 2013 By: Aaron Category: Dixie Melody Boys, Jordan's Bridge, SG Artists, SG Music, Talley Trio

1. After coming off the road from the Dove Brothers, pianist Joe Lane has teamed up with tenor Phil Barker to form a new trio. Fans may remember Barker from his Singing Americans days. The group’s name is Jordan’s Bridge, and it is comprised of tenor Barker, lead Rick Sheets, baritone/bass player Jamey Lane (Joe’s brother), and pianist Joe Lane.

I wasn’t all that familiar with Joe Lane’s piano work before hearing him with the Dove Brothers at NQC 2011, but after that, I made sure to go back and listen to everything I could. I was sad to see him leave the road, but am glad to see him return and bring a great tenor like Phil Barker with him. Barker still sounds as good as ever today, and the group as a whole already sounds like a cohesive unit.

Here’s a clip of their debut concert, featuring Phil Barker on an encore of “Glory Road:”

2. Brian Alvey, husband to Lauren Talley Alvey and member of The Talleys, is coming off the road. In Lauren’s words from the group’s newsletter:

My husband, Brian Alvey, has been attending college this past fall and is now going to be working full-time in the financial industry with Western and Southern Life providing insurance, investment and annuities services. We will miss him singing with us but we are excited about the new opportunity God has given him. He remains very supportive of his wife’s ministry, which I’m thankful for! Brian still writes music and records, so you will still enjoy his talents from time to time. Our latest single, “Make Way For the Master,” is one of Brian’s compositions and features him.If you haven’t heard it yet….just get ready, because it’s one of the greatest songs we’ve ever recorded.

No argument from me on their assessment of “Make Way For The Master,” and I hope that Brian will still occasionally contribute to the Talleys’ body of work.

3. It has been a personal thrill to watch the Dixie Melody Boys become a re-energized, renewed quartet. That trend continues, as this press release acknowledges, with numerous nominations in the Christian Voice Magazine awards:

With the announcement of the 2013 Southern Gospel Music Fan Awards Top Ten nominations yesterday by the Christian Voice Magazine, the Dixie Melody Boys showed that the groups recent rise back to the top of Southern Gospel continues to find new heights. The legendary group received eleven Top Ten nominations, the most the group has ever received in one year. In 2012, the Dixie Melody Boys received seven nominations and went on to win Favorite Male Quartet and Favorite Bass Singer. The group is again nominated for Favorite Male Quartet. Hall Of Fame member Ed O’Neal continues to be favorite to fans after fifty years with the group and was nominated again as favorite Bass Singer as well as the Living Legend Award. Tenor Matt Felts appears for the second year in a row in the Favorite Tenor category, solidifying his place as one of Gospel’s brightest young talents. The groups baritone, Steven Cooper makes his debut appearance, nominated for Favorite Baritone. Mike Rogers joined the group as their new lead singer earlier in 2012. He has made an instant impact and the fans have embraced him. Mike has been nominated for Favorite Lead Singer and Excelling Young Individual.

The group was also honored by having their recent album receive two nominations, Album Of The Year and Song Of The Year for “The Call Is Still The Same”. That is the second song from the historic 50th Anniversary project to receive Song Of The Year honors, Jesus In My Boat was nominated last year. The Dixie Melody released another historic project this year, Dixie Melody Boys Reunion: 50 Years Of Influence. The DVD recorded live at the National Quartet Convention has been nominated as Video Of The Year. Last but not least, the television show “Great American Gospel” hosted by Ed O’Neal and the Dixie Melody Boys was nominated for Favorite Television Show.

“We are honored to be selected by the fans. The lists include so many incredible people that we love and admire so to be included on this list and this is a blessing. We have several big things to announce in the coming weeks and this is a great start to our new year.” said Matt Felts.

The voting has started for the next phase in the voting process, fans can go to http://christianvoicemagazine.com/sgmtop10vote.html

Talley Trio Adding A Fourth Member

July 25, 2011 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Talley Trio

David Murray has the scoop (which he got from Dana Russell): The Talley Trio is becoming the Talley Quartet (though I’d imagine if they change the name, it would go back to their original group name, The Talleys.) Update: Daniel Mount confirmed that the name will indeed change to The Talleys.

Brian Alvey, new husband of Lauren Talley and former Tribute Quartet tenor, is joining the group on stage within the month, according to the announcement from Roger Talley made from the stage at the Steve Hurst School of Music last night. It is unclear whether he will sing the baritone or whether Roger will drop down and give Brian the lead part, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that Brian sang baritone for another group at one time or another. (EDIT: He filled in for Southern Sound on baritone, and when Anthony Facello started Beyond The Ashes [Anthony Facello & Crossroad], he sang baritone there.)

Before I go any further, I’ll say that my hat’s off to my friend Mike Cook for calling this move months ago!

In all seriousness, he has brought up this possibility in discussions ever since Brian & Lauren got engaged. And really, it makes sense. The daughter in the group marries a singer who is a great talent in his own right, and he’s right there on the bus anyway. Why not let him sing?

Time will tell whether David Murray’s prediction that Roger will slowly phase to the piano man role will pan out, but in the meantime, I’m very interested to hear how the sound changes with four voices instead of three.

SGN Awards Winners

April 22, 2007 By: Aaron Category: Anthony Burger, Booth Brothers, Crabb Family, Gold City, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Kirk Talley, LeFevre Quartet, Mike and Kelly Bowling, SG Artists, SG Industry News, Talley Trio, The Greenes, The McRaes

Well, as promised, here’s the list of who won what at the SGN Awards:

SONG OF THE YEAR: “Mountain Mover” – Talley Trio (written by Jim Brady, Barry Weeks and Tony Wood)
ALBUM OF THE YEAR:Rise Above – Talley Trio (produced by Roger Talley)PACESETTER:Gold City
MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR:Mike Bowling (Mike & Kelly Bowling)
SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR (Artist):Daryl K. Williams (Daryl Williams Trio)
SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR (Professional):Chris Binion
PRODUCER OF THE YEAR (Artist):Roger Talley (Talley Trio)
PRODUCER OF THE YEAR (Professional):Nick Bruno
MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR:Justin Ellis (Crabb Family)
TRADITIONAL SOUTHERN SONG OF THE YEAR:“Truth Is Marching On” – Gold City (written by Jim Brady, Barry Weeks and Tony Wood)
TRADITIONAL SOUTHERN ALBUM OF THE YEAR:Revival – Gold City (produced by Michael English, Ken Harding, David Lehman, Daniel Riley, and Michael Sykes)
PROGRESSIVE SOUTHERN SONG OF THE YEAR:“Sky Full of Angels” – TaRanda Greene (written by Burton Collins, Clay Mills, and Lisa Stewart)
PROGRESSIVE SOUTHERN ALBUM OF THE YEAR:Rise Above – Talley Trio (produced by Roger Talley)
COUNTRY/BLUEGRASS SONG OF THE YEAR:“Over & Over” – Jeff & Sheri Easter (written by Belinda Smith and Sue C. Smith)
COUNTRY/BLUEGRASS ALBUM OF THE YEAR:Graceland – Mike Bowling Group (produced by Mike Bowling)
SPECIAL EVENT PROJECT OF THE YEAR:The Best of Anthony Burger – Anthony Burger (produced by Bill Gaither)
RADIO PROMOTER OF THE YEAR:Rhonda Thompson (Rhonda Thompson Promotions){FAN FAVORITE ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Kirk Talley

Well, I can’t say I’m too happy with some of the awards. Such as the SONG OF THE YEAR.
Mountain Mover by The Talley Trio? Oh, come on! It’s a good song and all, but there were plenty of better songs on the ballot this year. And as I said in a previous post, Gold City’s Revival album sounded more progressive than traditional. But ah well, can’t change what happened. Now I want to see how the Diamond Awards and Singing News Fan Awards will turn out in a couple of months.