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Stars Of Today: Where They Used To Be

October 03, 2007 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG History, SG Music, Stars Of Today series

Well, since nothing is really going on in SG right now, (must be the slow period after NQC before the big storm of news items) I’ll start a “series” of sorts on SG stars, and where they used to be. Granted, this will only have new installations when I come across an old video clip or something like that, but I hope you enjoy it.

Our inaugural star: Jeremy Lile, former bass of Crystal River and now with Brian Free & Assurance. This guy can flat out sing, but have you ever heard him do acappella? It’s breath-taking. And that’s how he must have started out, with the group in this video.

They are All-4-Him, and to my knowledge, they are no longer traveling, and I think they were local, but they had the potential to hit the “big time”, and one of ’em did. Lile showed great promise and potential while he was part of that group, and now look where he is today! Be sure to check out the other clips linked to in the video window. Good stuff.