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NQC 2009: Wednesday Night

September 17, 2009 By: Aaron Category: Legacy Five, NQC 2009, NQC Turnover Season 2009, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Greenes

Another night of NQC has become history. A few thoughts for the night:

1. The way Legacy Five sang tonight (Frank Seamans in particular), you’d never guess a personnel change was taking place. Often if a member of a group is getting ready to leave, their stage presence and their singing sounds off. Not so with L5 and Seamans. Seamans is one of the most under-rated vocalists in the industry, let alone tenor singer. It will be interesting to see who L5 picks up as the next tenor.

Something I respect Frank for is, he’s all class, even in the change. At least he is staying on until a new guy comes on board instead of leaving the group up the creek without a paddle.

2. More sound issues. Tonight, the mics popped, cracked, and sizzled again, and several vocalists’ mics were way too hot. Arthur Rice in particular almost blew everybody out of their seat every line he sang. No fault of his own; the mic was simply too loud. Maybe since Gaither has rolled in and his technical crew will have shown up tomorrow, the sound situation will start to improve.

3. Tony and TaRanda Greene looked and sounded great tonight. Big contrast from last year, when Tony barely had the strength to stand. The kidney transplant was a success and it shows.

Post your thoughts in the comments section if you wish.

Derrick Selph Leaves Brian Free & Assurance

June 09, 2009 By: Aaron Category: Brian Free And Assurance, NQC Turnover Season 2009, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

In another out-of-left-field personnel change, Brian Free announced today that baritone Derrick Selph is leaving Assurance to be an electrician.

Daniel Mount is calling this recent rash of changes the “NQC Turnover season,” and I’d say it’s the biggest one I’ve seen since I’ve been a fan of SG music. Right now, we’re looking at two groups that are without a tenor (Gold City and Mark Trammell Trio), a group that has disbanded (Dan Keeton Quartet), and now a group without a baritone (Brian Free & Assurance); all of these changes were pretty unexpected. No word yet on any replacements.

If the recent statements on the latest Averyfineline open thread hold any water, there are a lot more coming, including one that will leave a major group without all except the owner/manager. Stay tuned…

Update: Here’s the press release:

We are saddened to announce that Derrick Selph will be coming off the road. He will be going to school to pursue a career as an electrician. Derrick has been a wonderful part of this ministry for over six years. He will greatly missed. We love and care for Derrick and his wife, Jennifer, very much and we wish the very BEST for them in the future.
Derrick will be with the group until Sunday, July 5. His last night will be a sad one for us.
As of the time of this press release, the replacement has not been chosen yet. We know that God has the right person out there. We will keep you updated on the new person.
God bless you while you continue to support our ministry.