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New Artist Spotlight: In The Vine

December 01, 2011 By: Aaron Category: In The Vine, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

A few days ago, it was announced on Facebook that a new Southern Gospel trio has formed and will officially launch in 2012, and this group has a couple faces that may be familar. Joe Kitson, brother of former Tribute Quartet/Greater Vision/Statement of Faith tenor Jacob Kitson, has teamed up with his former singing partner in the Toney Brothers, Daniel Childs, to form In The Vine. Many may remember Joe from his days with groups such as the Dixie Melody Boys, The Toney Brothers, and Statement of Faith.┬áKitson and Childs will sing baritone and lead, respectively, with Childs handling the emcee work. Joining them singing tenor is Kitson’s brother Kurtis, who is by all accounts a newcomer to the Southern Gospel scene.

The group hasn’t officially hit the road yet, but have done at least one performance. Here’s a video from their first night featuring Joe Kitson on “I’d Rather Have Jesus.”

Since Daniel Childs is currently a member of another trio, Blackwood Legacy, I asked Childs if he was leaving that group for this one, or if there would be a dual membership situation. He had this to say:

I am staying with Blackwood Legacy, and will be working with both groups. It can be explained like this: I work for Blackwood Legacy, but In The Vine is my own group that I’ve started as an equal partnership with Joe. I will be singing with both groups for the forseeable future.

Be sure to head over to the group’s website for updates and music clips, as well as their Youtube channel.