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Pre-Christmas Round-Up

December 23, 2010 By: Aaron Category: Dixie Melody Boys, HisSong, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

As the day of Christ’s birth comes closer, I received a couple news items that I didn’t have time to post in the last couple of days, but wanted to get to before posting my last CD review before Christmas:

1. Dixie Melody Boys joins Beyond Measure Marketing –

One of Southern Gospel’s most respected and beloved groups, The Dixie Melody Boys have signed with Beyond Measure Marketing. The legendary group is preparing for an exciting year in 2011. “We have many big events planned and will also be working on a new album shortly. We are excited to partner with Beyond Measure.” said Steven Cooper, baritone for the Dixie Melody Boys. Beyond Measure has established itself as the premier Southern Gospel Marketing company, with a family of artists that include The LeFevre Quartet, Mike Allen, Johnny Minick, The Blackwood Brothers, The Chuckwagon Gang, Perfect Heart, The Gospel Singing Caravan and many others. For more information on the Dixie Melody Boys, go to www.dixiemelodyboys.com or www.beyondmeasuremarketing.com.

I had figured it would only be a matter of time before this move happened when Matt Felts joined on tenor, as he is the owner of that company. The group currently has one of its strongest lineups in recent memory; perhaps joining this marketing company will help get that sound out there.

2. HisSong hires new baritone – Southern Spin Entertainment released this news earlier this week. Best of luck to both Adam Cannon and David Price!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (December 21, 2010) – Vine Records/Crossroads recording artist and Dove Award nominated artist HisSong has named David Price as the group’s new baritone vocalist. HisSong temporarily hired David for 90 days until they knew for sure that he was a right fit. After the 90-day trial period – David was hired as the full-time baritone vocalist.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, David is 22 years old, and he began singing at a young age. David sang with Michigan-based quartet The Calvarymen for two years prior to joining HisSong.

HisSong owner/manager Dennis Humphries states,  “I am proud to have David as a part of HisSong.  David is an awesome singer and brings a lot of energy to the group.  We’re excited to have David as a part of this team.  David is doing an outstanding job, and everywhere we go, people are loving him.”

The group’s previous baritone vocalist, Adam Cannon, sang with HisSong for the last four years. Cannon left the group to pursue a ministry with his wife, Samantha, that will include both singing and preaching.

Dennis added, “I was sad to see Adam go but knew that God had amazing things in store for HisSong.  We all became like brothers, and although we miss Cannon and still have a close friendship with him, our prayers are with Adam, Samantha & Noah.”

HisSong will be entering the studio soon to begin recording their brand new project for Vine/Crossroads Records. Dove Award-winning producer and songwriter Wayne Haun will once again produce this project. Haun has produced HisSong’s last three recordings as well – Watching & Waiting, Dove-nominated On the Way Up, and their current release Journey Through the Sky, which was nominated for Album of the Year in the 2010 SGN Music Awards.

Friends, family, and friends are encouraged to call and request HisSong’s latest single – “When We Talk to the Father.” This is HisSong’s third Top 40 single from their latest release – Journey Through the Sky.

HisSong is booked through the Adoration Agency.  For more information on how to book the popular trio, log on to http://www.adorationagency.com or call (910) 426-1931.

HisSong also has a weekly online newsletter which gives fans of the group information on the ministry and much more.

More information on HisSong can be found at http://www.hissongmusic.com. Fans are encouraged to visit the group’s Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/hissongmusic .

Be looking either late today or early tomorrow for my review of Greater Vision’s Everything Christmas!

CD Review: HisSong – On The Way Up

June 18, 2008 By: Aaron Category: CD Reviews, HisSong, SG Artists, SG Music

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1. On The Way Up The album opens up with the mid-tempo title track. This track sounds like a Mark Trammell Trio song, which is just fine with me! Tenor Adam Elrod has a very distinctive voice; the type that once you hear him singing, you know it’s HisSong. 8/10

2. The Grave Can’t Hold Me A mid-tempo, acoustic guitar-driven song that is an OK song, but didn’t really jump out at me at first. The more I hear this song, the more I like it, though. Sounds sort of like an old Kingsmen song. 7/10

3. The Miracle Man A nice little tune that I find myself humming alot lately. I bet this goes over well in a live setting. 8/10

4. Out Of His Way
The album’s first truly slow song is a good one. All the vocalists sound top-notch, and the song finishes well. 8/10

5. Through Every Storm A ballad that (I think) features lead singer Dennis Humphries. Humphries’ voice has a style that is a mixture of Josh Feemster and Garry Jones, to good effect. Nice orchestration and an awesome ending hooked me. 9/10

6. Our Highest Praise
I had expected this song to be a slower one, but it is a song that has a CCM feel to it. Nice song, but nothing that jumped out at me. 6/10

7. Because Of The Blood Another slow song. I didn’t really like this one, because it sounded too similar to other slow songs on this album. 6/10

8. Joy In My Heart Much to my enjoyment, the guys cranked out a “barn-burner” on this one! Had my hands clapping and feet stomping. The lyrics are somewhat simple, which is the only negative thing I can say about this song. 8/10

9. I Still Have It All
HisSong’s first radio single, and an awesome song written by Marty Funderburk. The tenor really shines near the end, and this song made it to #1 on the SoGospelNews.com charts for a reason! 9/10

10. The Things That Won’t Be There An OK song, but for some reason reminded me of that novelty song that Mark Lowry, Stan Whitmire, Michael Lord, and Bill Gaither sang about on one of Mark’s videos. That comparison kind of took the wind out of this song’s sails. 7/10

11. That’s When God Steps In A slow song that features the tenor. I could listen to this guy sing all day! He does a great job pulls off this song tremendously. 9/10

12. I Don’t Regret
The album closes with yet another slow one. A country-tinged sound, it features tenor Elrod again, but this song dragged a little too much for me. 6/10

Overall Rating: 6.9
This was my first opportunity to hear HisSong, and I liked what I heard. If this trio continues in this vein, I expect to hear great things in the future. This album isn’t a must-have, but it’s a nice CD for those that love a good trio.