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Carnival Cruise

June 08, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Cruises, SG Artists, SG Music

For all of those interested:


Christian Carnival Cruise with Christian Comedy, Southern Gospel Musicians, and Christian Speakers on the Triumph Carnival Cruise, Mar. 29 – Apr. 5, 2008

Miami, Florida, Mar. 29 – Apr. 5, 2008 — The inaugural Christian Cruisers Club is setting sail for seven days on the Carnival Triumph Cruise Liner. On three of those days you will anchor in San Juan, St. Thomas, and St. Marten in the Eastern Caribbean while on other days you will enjoy a host of musicians, comedians and authors. They will inspire and provide entertainment, while you enjoy a week of encouragement, inspiration and take in God’s beauty on a Caribbean cruise.

The Carnival Triumph is the second ship in Carnival’s Destiny class of Mega Liners. On the cruise you will hear the comedy of Darren Marlar who believes “Filthy Ain’t Funny.” His clean humor is family friendly and filled with humor for all ages. Vonda Skelton will help you get a grip and find your footing with giggles and grace. Her light touch combined with her deep heart makes her presentations worth embracing. Chris Binion is dedicated to music, family, comedy and ministry and he uses the “same Godly message” with fresh lyrics.

A host of musicians will provide entertainment and they include: HisSong, Eighth Day, Impending Bloom, William Boyd Chisum, Kathy Joy Bell, 2nd Generation, The Glovers, and Chris Hester.

A series of authors and inspirational speakers will also inspire and encourage, and they include Christian Western Fiction writer Terry Burns. Sandra Stanford who is passionate for God, says He swept her off of her feet. Sarah Goebel, founder of Declaring His Answer Ministries and a radio host will share from her heart. Pam Kumpe, an inspirational newspaper columnist is your “Pray & Play” friend from East Texas and Geralyn Beauchamp is a former book reviewer, and current Wellness and Relationship coach. Come along with these musicians, comedians and authors and enjoy an added bonus to your Christian cruise experience.

For more information on the Mar. 29-Apr. 5 Christian Carnival Cruise go to www.christiancruisersclub.com, or call 877.265.7003.

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