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Cavaliers Quartet Releasing New Song Garden Project

September 03, 2011 By: Aaron Category: Cavaliers Quartet, NQC, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

From a press release from David Staton, VP of Song Garden Music Group:

Nashville, TN: Song Garden Music Group recording artist, The Cavaliers Quartet will release their brand new cd, “Living in Grace” at NQC 2011.  Many groups release new projects at NQC, but this one is monumental to the Cavaliers Qt., Song Garden Music Group and the group’s ever increasing fan base.  According to Song Garden VP, David Staton, “The Cavaliers Qt. partnered with us 4 years ago on our Grapevine Records division, which is our developmental label.  When they started with us, our goal was to find great songs, do great recordings and help them build a powerful presentation of the Gospel with their music.  They have worked hard and it is paying off.  They sound better than ever, their datebook is busier than it’s ever been and their sales have multiplied ten times in less than four years.  They have come up through the ranks and this will be their first project released on our premier label, Song Garden Music Group.”  Be sure to meet The Cavaliers Quartet in the Song Garden exhibit (booths 103 – 216) during NQC and see and hear what they are doing.

Song Garden has taken great strides in the past few years to sign and promote up-and-coming talent (see The Ball Brothers, The Rick Webb Family, etc.), and the Cavaliers Quartet is no exception. From what little I’ve heard of the group, it has piqued my interest enough that I am interested to see what David Staton and team has done with this release. I will be sure to check them out at the convention this year.