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Blackwood Legacy Welcomes Paul Secord

May 17, 2012 By: Aaron Category: Blackwood Legacy, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

After the sudden departure of Daniel Rivera, the search was on for a new tenor for the group. Today, it was announced that the man for the job is Paul Secord:

Daniel Childs, descendent of the original Blackwood Brothers Quartet and lead singer for Southern Gospel group Blackwood Legacy, announced today the addition of Paul Secord as tenor singer for the quartet.

“Our last tenor left very suddenly,” Daniel said, “so we were pressed to find a fill-in as quickly as we could.  After praying about it and searching through dozens of resumes, we knew that Paul was a special candidate and was someone we wanted to meet.  And, as it turns out, he’s not only a very talented guy, but an incredibly nice guy as well.”

Secord flew to Portland, Oregon to join the group on tour last week, and after much prayer and thought, both Secord and Rick Price (group leader / emcee) felt that making Paul a permanent addition to the group was the right step.

“So excited to have Paul here,” says Price.  ”He will be recognized as one of the great vocalists in Gospel music today.  He’s a great friend, musician, and has an ability to communicate with an audience – which is truly a gift from God.  We feel blessed to have the sudden opportunity to add him to our team.  God certainly can take something that was meant for harm, and turn it into something good!”

Paul Secord has a long history in ministry and in entertainment, having been a featured performer at Walt Disney World, as well as having been a Worship pastor at a church in Virginia Beach.  Paul currently resides near Nashville with his wife, Dawn, and their two wonderful children.

“I am thrilled to be a part of Blackwood Legacy,” says Secord.  ”I believe my gifts are a great match for their ministry and can’t wait to see what God does when we put it all together.”

Paul will be featured on all the upcoming tour dates with the group, and will also be featured on their next album, which is currently in the works.

For more information, visit the group online at www.theblackwoodlegacy.com.

I admit that I am unfamiliar with Secord’s voice, but I am looking forward to hearing how he affects the sound of the group. Perhaps this change will be one that finally stabilizes the lineup for a good long while!

Youtube Spotlight: Blackwood Legacy

March 24, 2012 By: Aaron Category: Blackwood Legacy, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Youtube

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Blackwood Legacy was making a huge change by adding Daniel Rivera on tenor and moving the other vocalists around (Daniel Childs to lead, Luke Yates staying on baritone, and Rick Price moving to bass), effectively making Blackwood Legacy a quartet. Yesterday, I saw a video on Youtube that showcased what the group sounds like now. Rick Price was unable to make the tour this video was taken from, but check it out. Daniel Childs leads on “Back To Grace,” which was recently covered by The Kingsmen but originally showed up on Statement of Faith’s only release (the track for which is used here):


If the group can retain these singers, I’m interested to hear what the four man lineup sounds like and what music they will produce.

Group Changes This Week

February 25, 2012 By: Aaron Category: Blackwood Legacy, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Songfellows Quartet

There have been at least two lineup changes to different groups that have come down the pipe this week:

1. First change comes to The Songfellows Quartet. Bass singer Brad Smith has left the group after accepting a job with Fee Entertainment, and will be singing at the Hatfield/McCoy Theatre at Pigeon Forge as part of the Country Jamboree Breakfast Show. This will make the second Blackwood group that Smith has been a part of; he sang with Mark Blackwood’s Blackwood Quartet a few years back, and has now joined RW and Donna Blackwood for this show. The Songfellows Quartet is now seeing the return of Butch Owens, who is a strong bass singer as well, joining alongside tenor Rick Strickland, lead Bob Jones, Jr., and baritone Ed Hill.

Smith was a huge asset to The Songfellows in both sound and promotion; he did a great job at getting the group’s name out there to a lot of people. I’m sure he’ll do the same promoting for this last venture as well!

2. Blackwood Legacy was a trio that has recently garnered some attention on Daniel Mount’s blog for their unique rendition of “Glory Road.” I say “was” because they are no longer a trio. The group announced the addition of tenor Daniel Rivera today, making the group a quartet. The press release explains the ins and outs of this change:

Daniel Childs, grandson of the late Cecil Blackwood and lead singer of the quartet Blackwood Legacy, announced today the addition of Daniel Rivera as tenor singer.

“I’ve been singing the tenor part for over a year,” Childs stated, “and this past month, our group leader Rick Price made the decision to have mercy on me and hire a high tenor, moving me down to lead, and making our trio into a quartet.  Daniel Rivera was the obvious choice for this position because of his youth, his easy-going temperament, and his high singing ability… all of which are traits that make him a perfect match for how we operate as a group.”

Rivera joined the group on tour in Phoenix, Arizona this past week, and has already become a great addition to the group’s live concert.  Having previously sung full-time with the Hallmark Quartet and the Toney Brothers Quartet, Rivera brings to the group a soaring tenor vocal and a dynamic stage presence.

Blackwood Legacy, signed to Mansion Entertainment, places ministry first in all matters, and endeavors to progressively carry on the work of the late Cecil Blackwood.

The personnel lineup is now Daniel Rivera singing tenor, Daniel Childs singing lead, Luke Yates as baritone / pianist, and Rick Price handling the bass vocal and emcee work.

For more information, visit the group online at www.theblackwoodlegacy.com.

For a preview of the group’s sound with Rivera’s addition, here’s a video. And yes, Glory Road is there as well!