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First Look: Gold City with Chip Pullen

October 29, 2013 By: Aaron Category: Concert Reviews, First Look, Gold City, SG Artists, SG Music, Youtube

Gold City made a return trip to Grandin Court Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA last Friday night. I was planning on going anyway, but my interest increased when it happened to fall on the second weekend since Chip Pullen, formerly of the Anchormen, started singing with the group following Jerry Pelfrey’s departure. Interestingly enough, when the group sang there two years ago, Pelfrey had recently started with them. Since then, they have changed tenors (from Dan Keeton to Robert Fulton) and lead singers (Pelfrey to Pullen).

Nothing I say will describe how the change has affected their sound quite like actually hearing it, so here are some clips.

It’s nice hearing “Somebody Sing Me A Gospel Song” as the concert opener again. They wasted no time in featuring the new guy!

Gold City’s catalog is vast and plentiful, so I like the fact that they are starting to change up the setlist from what we are used to. This is one of my favorite Jay Parrack features, so it’s nice to hear it find a voice again.

“Footprints On The Water” is the group’s current radio single. Glad to see this one get some stage time!

It’s always an awesome experience to hear Tim Riley pound low Gs into the back wall like they’re nothing!

“Midnight Cry” is THE SONG for any Gold City lead singer. I think Chip will be just fine.

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3 Comments to “First Look: Gold City with Chip Pullen”

  1. Lynn Pollard says:

    Chip is a great addition to GC. Enjoyed him when he sang with the Anchormen and was excited to hear he had joined GC.

  2. Great videos! Chip sounds great with Gold City, and his voice really fits the songs they featured him on. I really liked Jerry and will miss him, but I hope both Chip and Robert will stay with Gold City for a long time.

  3. Marlene Ashley says:

    This is great Aaron,
    Thanks for all the great videos of Gold City, they really sound good, better than they have for a long while, don’t you think?

    Again, thanks for all you do and I also enjoyed the interview with Michael English that you did, great job.



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