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The Inspirations Post-Holcomb

October 07, 2013 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG History, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Inspirations

Last week, it was announced that longtime Inspirations bass singer Mike Holcomb has resigned the group after 42 years to become a full-time evangelist. Obviously, after such a lengthy tenure for any singer, the group’s sound would be easily identified by that vocalist. The big question is, what does the future hold for the Inspirations?

While this is almost assuredly not what the final sound will be, here’s an interesting look at how the group is filling the gap. Tenor Mark Clark is the only one here in his usual spot; lead singer Steve Srein had the weekend off, so former lead singer Matt Dibler filling in there, multi-instrumentalist Luke Vaught is holding down the baritone, and usual baritone Jon Epley is standing in at bass. Here are a few clips of a recent concert featuring this lineup. For a mostly shuffled quartet, they fit together pretty well!

With the advent of sites like Youtube, fans are afforded a peek at a page of a group’s long history that they may not be able to see otherwise.

Here’s an intriguing song choice: one of Mike Holcomb’s signature songs.

And now here’s Epley on one of his own signature solos, “It’s In The Savior’s Hands,” in his usual baritone range.

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9 Comments to “The Inspirations Post-Holcomb”

  1. Where is Myron? I don’t see him and did not see him at the one set I saw of The Inspirations.

  2. Donny Yost says:

    have the inspiration found a new bass singer

    • Elizabeth says:

      Jon Epley, baritone singer of the I’s, has dropped down to bass and Luke Vaught is singing baritone currently for the group.

  3. Bobby Conlee says:

    These guys sound GREAT together !!! Jon is doing a great job at bass, keep matt and let him sing baritone so luke can do the music !!! GREAT JOB !!

  4. Jeff Bailey says:

    Does anybody know what happened to Steve Srein? I’ve noticed he has been missing a lot lately. In fact, I believe Matt Dibler is back again this weekend. Also, I see another new face…Casey? Is this the new baritone?

  5. Does anyone know what the current Inspiration line up is? The clip on face book flying around last week had Dallas, Matt, Jon, and their former baritone-I forget his name-singing together.

  6. On the Templeton Cruise early Feb. was: Dallas Rodgers, Tenor; Matt Dibler, Lead; D. Osborne, Baritone and John David Williams substituting for Jon Epply (who was home taking final exams). Myron, Luke and Martin were at their usual insruments. They sounded great!


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