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Youtube Spotlight: Dove Brothers Band (5/11/13)

May 18, 2013 By: Aaron Category: Concert Reviews, SG Artists, SG Music, The Dove Brothers, The Dove Brothers Band, Youtube

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go hear the Dove Brothers Band for the first time (other than several NQC appearances). This time around was especially unique, because it was a graduation celebration for a friend to both the group and myself, Lynn Pollard, who you will hear referenced from the stage several times in the videos. Congratulations again, Lynn!

I say it was unique because the event was held in the small fellowship hall of a church in Roanoke, VA. The group set up in the corner, and with a small crowd of family and friends in the mix, it made for a very intimate setting, as you’ll see in the clips. I was impressed that the sound was as balanced as it was in that kind of setting.

As always, I’ll let the music speak for itself:

Traveling with a live band obviously has several perks, one of them being that the artist can let the music keep going if he wants to say something during a song. I enjoyed the little bit of background that McCray gave during “Hold On.”

Normally I wouldn’t bother posting group introductions, but I liked the way it was done here. I’ve seen other groups with live bands incorporate the band into the intros like this as well (like Gold City when they briefly revived the Band of Gold).

A brief bit of background: my camera started its low battery warning right around the time that “Long Black Train” started. Luckily, it lasted until the end of “Oh What A Savior,” so I took that opportunity to change out for some charged ones. McCray told a story during that time, so I only missed the first couple of lines of the song, which alluded to getting up to watch the chickens, hence the joking around about chicken noises at the beginning of the video.

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12 Comments to “Youtube Spotlight: Dove Brothers Band (5/11/13)”

  1. Lynn Pollard says:

    Thank you Aaron! It was a great day and even a better evening. Thank you for coming!

  2. Some get it some don’t but you get it ! Dove Brothers Band refuse to keep God in a BOX !!!!

  3. These videos are wonderful, thank you so much for posting them. I have enjoyed all of them so much and watched them over and over. Love them Dove Brothers.

  4. We have been working on one now we are planning to have something soon !

  5. We love all of you !

  6. That looked like a fun evening!

    • Lynn Pollard says:

      It was John! I greatly appreciate McCray and the guys coming and helping to celebrate my college graduation. As you can tell it wasn’t a formal affair. The guys sung their hearts out for almost 2 hours. Good food, fellowship and MUSIC!

      • Lynn Pollard says:

        Aaron didn’t post the video but the highlight was having Phil Barker sing Glory Road with the guys.

  7. I’ll thank you for Phil referring to his singing “Glory Road” with the Dove Brother Band as the highlight of the evening.Now thats a compliment.We had a wonderful time with you and the Dove Brothers at your graduation celebration.
    Lynn your an inspiration to many who want to go back to school as an adult and doubting themselves.Thanks for that & for the invitation.


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