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Donald Morris Departs The Dixie Melody Boys

June 16, 2012 By: Aaron Category: Dixie Melody Boys, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

Another group change has come down the pipe, as the Dixie Melody Boys announce their lead singer’s decision to come off the road. Take special note of the title of this press release:

Donald Morris Graduates The Ed O’Neal University

The Dixie Melody Boys have announced that lead singer Donald Morris has resigned from the group. Donald has been with the group for over 3 years. Donald’s incredible voice has made him a favorite to fans across the country. Donald has also risen as one of the top young song writers in Gospel music. His publishing company, True Testament Music has had success with songs recorded by the Inspirations, the Dixie Melody Boys and others. “It is common to hear that a guy comes off the road to be with their family. In this case it is true, Donald has made the tough decision to come off the road to be with his family. He has a beautiful baby girl at home and I’m sure he is looking forward to seeing her more. He will also be focusing on his songwriting and his publishing company. We are proud of Donald. He is one of the finest lead singers we have ever had. We will miss him.” said Matt Felts, tenor for the Dixie Melody Boys. “Donald will definitely be missed. We hate to see him go.” added Steven Cooper.

“The family of former members is very close. Donald will always have a special place in our family. We understand why he is coming off the road but we will miss him. He is a special talent. “ said Ed O’Neal.

The Dixie Melody Boys will announce plans to audition singers shortly.

I was not familiar with Donald’s voice before receiving a copy of the DMB’s The Call Is Still The Same project, but I was very impressed with both his voice and the songs that he brought to the group. I’m looking forward to seeing songs of his get picked up by more and more groups as time goes on, and I wish him well as he comes off the road.