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Youtube Spotlight: Promise

May 22, 2012 By: Aaron Category: Promise, SG Artists, SG Music, Youtube

Last Sunday, I headed over to Amherst, VA to hear this new trio in concert. Just over a year old, the group’s self-titled debut project received favorable reviews around the Southern Gospel blogosphere, so I was looking forward to hearing them in a live setting. Since this service marked the beginning of a week-long revival at the church, the group did an abbreviated concert, but still managed to sing plenty of music. Take a look:


I like the fact that, even though their project is entirely taken from the Greater Vision catalog, they make each song their own. “Don’t Try To Tell Me” is a good example of this.

Before starting Promise, baritone David Mann sang with his brothers-in-law, Jacob and Joe Kitson, in Statement of Faith. This cover of an early Ernie Haase & Signature Sound tune gained that trio some attention, and I’m glad that Promise continues to stage it.

Another Greater Vision song that sounds as if it was written for Promise, this one features lead singer TJ Evans.

I’ve always enjoyed hearing Gerald Wolfe sing this song, and I’m glad that it has been revived.

“He Is Mine” is one of my personal favorite Southern Gospel songs, and baritone David Mann has drawn comparisons to Mark Trammell with his rendition.

Though only in his second weekend as fill-in tenor for Promise, Daniel Rivera blends well with the group, as evidenced by this classic that stems back to Danny Funderburk with The Cathedrals.

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3 Comments to “Youtube Spotlight: Promise”

  1. Thanks, Aaron. They sound very good! I’d love to hear them again

  2. howie schug says:

    thanks you for posting these videos, i so wanted to hear daneil singing with t j and david,, these three guys sound terrific together, smooth and soulful, i hope they find away to stay together., thanks for the great work aaron.


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