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CD Review: Justin Terry – Inspired

March 02, 2012 By: Aaron Category: CD Reviews, Cross 4 Crowns, Justin Terry, SG Artists, SG Music

Rating: 4 stars

Producers: Justin Terry, Zack Knudsen, Andy Stringfield
Label: Unsigned (Self-released)
Website: www.justinterry.net

Song titles: There Is A Fountain, Two Winning Hands; He Has Taken His Children Home; Love Song; I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before; Knowing What I Know About Heaven; I Must Tell Jesus; I Go To The Rock; When He Reached Down His Hand For Me; God’s Gonna Do The Same For Me And You; In The Garden

A couple of years ago, there was a quartet whose label debut with Crossroads made a splash in the blogosphere, and part of the reason was the vocal prowess of their bass singer. Cross 4 Crowns boasted a young guy by the name of Justin Terry singing the bass part that drew comparisons to Jeff Chapman, a considerable feat considering his age. Now aged 28, Justin left the quartet after six years and has launched a solo ministry with this CD.

Those who have heard Cross 4 Crowns will likely know Justin Terry for the low notes he hits. On this project, he wisely breaks that mold, and instead opts for a country bass-baritone sound akin to Josh Turner or Trace Adkins. Terry covers material here that you would not expect out a bass singer’s solo project; for instance, The Hinsons’ “Two Winning Hands” gets an updated treatment that does a good job of showcasing Justin’s upper range. Other songs in that vein include “Knowing What I Know About Heaven” (yes, the one that Guy Penrod sings), and “God’s Gonna Do The Same For You And Me.”

This is not to say that the project is devoid of the lower singing that usually comes with things like this. The CD starts and ends with hymns, “There Is A Fountain” and “In The Garden,” which settle more into “bass lead” territory. Also done in a similar style is “When He Reached Down His Hand For Me,” which fits Terry’s voice well; he doesn’t try to be the next Tim Riley with it, and that works in his favor. The original song written by Justin’s dad, “He Has Taken His Children Home,” fits equally as well.

The only song that seems to interrupt the flow of the music is the fourth track, “Love Song.” Stylistically, it is different from anything else found here. While not necessarily a bad thing, and certainly not a bad song, it seems out of place here, and would perhaps have been better saved for another project of similar styles, or tacked on towards the end. Other than that, this CD is a strong collection of songs and a good display of Justin Terry’s talents. Inspired receives 4 stars.

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  1. What a joy to listen to the old songs that never go out of style. Thanks for the accompaniment that is just that, instead of a challenge to drown out the vocals. Wonderful album.


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