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Union Street Quartet Debuts

February 18, 2012 By: Aaron Category: Ryan Seaton, Ryan Seaton Quartet, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Union Street

Last night, Ryan Seaton’s quartet that has been singing together for a while made their official debut. Seaton, along with Toby Hitchcock, Andrew Goldman, and Aaron McCune, make up the quartet now known as Union Street. Roy Webb was on hand to play piano for this concert, and Hitchcock has even uploaded footage from the group’s introduction of the name and first song, “Boundless Love.”


Count me in the number that is looking forward to hearing more out of this group!

Update: There is more video footage of the group’s first night:

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13 Comments to “Union Street Quartet Debuts”

  1. Olaneljonoisle says:

    Maybe they will be signed by StowTown Records?

  2. tommy jones says:

    I like their singing, but not their dress. I’d prefer shirt tails in (McCune) and dress slacks, not jeans (tenor), so yes, I’ll buy their CDs, but not attend a concert.

    • Patrick Coleman says:

      Interesting that you will buy their CD but not support their ministry to others based on your opinion of their attire? I find this quite shallow to be perfectly honest. These guys are following God’s will for their lives and all you have to comment on is their dress? Wow…

  3. When will we be getting music from these guys? I love their sound WOW!

  4. Verlie Perich says:

    Just wondering if the Union Street quartet was coming to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada on July l3th,2012 weekend to perform at the Westerner where the southern gospel quartets come every year. It is a three day affair and a must to attend. Hope to see this group there. God willing.

  5. Love this group!!!!!!!!!!!!! would like a bio on Aaron.

  6. Ryan I have always loved your heart. This quartet is simply straight from heaven. What talent and what a great look. My prayer is more people will see you please please come to Texas!!!! The level of harmony is priceless!
    May God bless each one of you as you bless the world with your songs.

  7. Lady Di says:

    I just tried to get the name of the place the 5/19 concert is and when I went to your site to get directions it sent me to Oklahoma. Evidently instead of just a street address you need to put the city and state before hitting GO. You might want to check that out. Also along with the street address you might put the name of the church, school, what ever facility the concert is in. Many in the area might know the place better than an address. Just a thought. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you again, yes, again. Last winter, I think it was, you were at a church Ryan, it was a special birthday for a lady and I believe it was One Voice as well. The other fellows joined you onstage and it was amazing. May God richly bless your efforts is bringing His message to the world.

  8. Larry Singer says:

    Great Concert in St. Joseph tonight!


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