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First Look: Bryan Hutson with Soul’d Out Quartet

January 08, 2012 By: Aaron Category: First Look, SG Artists, SG Music, Soul'd Out Quartet, Youtube

On January 6, I was privileged to be able to attend the Soul’d Out Quartet concert in East Bend, NC, hosted by JOY FM and a local group, The Boys. Every Soul’d Out concert I’ve ever been to has been great, but there was an extra level of excitement to this one, as it was the debut concert for the group’s new vocalist, Bryan Hutson. Hutson came from singing lead with The Kingsmen to fill the void left by Tanner Stahl’s departure in December 2011.

The activity center of Enon Baptist Church was filled to capacity, making it one of the biggest crowds I’ve seen for a concert that wasn’t NQC or Gaither related. There were quite a few singers in our genre, past and present, that were in attendance as well; among those spotted were Phil Barker, Darren Osborne, Harold Reed, and Chris Collins.

Bryan Hutson fits the Soul’d Out Quartet like a glove in sound, stage presence, and personality. I also picked up the new Soulace project and a pre-release copy of their upcoming Crossroads debut, What The World Doesn’t Know, and both are really good. But you don’t have to take my word for it about their live sound; see and hear for yourself!

“Who Is This Man” gained the group some attention a couple years back, and continues to be a regular in their concerts. I’m glad that they made the choice to open the concert with it.


After the first song, the quartet jumped right into this upbeat bass feature. I’ve stated before that I believe Matt Fouch to be one of the most underrated bass singers in our genre, and he was reinforcing that all through the concert.


You may have heard this song on the radio a few times. “Through The Blood” has been steadily rising on the charts as Soul’d Out Quartet’s latest single, and it was such a hit at this particular concert that they had two sing it two different times!


After several songs and group introductions, Bryan Hutson stepped out for his first solo feature of the night, which also happens to be the first track on the group’s new Soulace project. I really like what they did with this classic song.


Dusty Barrett wrote this next song a couple of years ago, and it, like “Who Is This Man,” has become a fixture at Soul’d Out Concerts. With only piano accompaniment, it’s a powerful song, even despite minor technical difficulties and noisy cell phones during this performance.


This last song was the one that got me listening to Soul’d Out Quartet; Daniel Mount had hosted an event around the release of the Ain’t Nobody project that featured this song as a free download. The rest, as they say, is history. Here, it gives us a chance to hear Bryan Hutson get a few solo lines on some familiar SOQT material.

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5 Comments to “First Look: Bryan Hutson with Soul’d Out Quartet”

  1. Ruth Voorhees says:

    Great videos or a great concert. I do beleive we will be seeing alot more of this line-up in the year to come.

  2. I saw them on Saturday night in Chester, SC. Can you just feel the excitement? I don’t think I’ve been this excited over a group in a long time. Will be seeing them again on Jan. 21 in Acworth, GA with the Booth Bros.

  3. Yes they are! It’s so refreshing to see a group excited about what they’re doing and about the Lord!


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