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Youtube Feature: Down East Boys

January 03, 2012 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Music, The Down East Boys, Youtube

I attended a Down East Boys concert in my area on January 1st, and got several videos of the event. This was my first time seeing the Down East Boys outside of a couple sets at NQC over the years, and I was particularly looking forward to hearing their live sound with Tony Jarman at tenor. This was their first date in about fifteen days, so though they were getting back into the swing of things singing on the road, they still put on a great concert.

Click the link below to see the videos!

When the group recorded their Favorites IV project last year, they brought over some songs and tracks from Jarman’s days with Legacy Five, specifically the Heritage projects. They opened this concert with “He’s A Personal Savior:”


I’ve heard this group do “Oh I Want To See Him” quite a bit on the radio, so it was no surprise that it is a part of their live program:


I remember a Crossroads “behind the scenes” video that highlighted the group working on this next song, and it ended up being one of my favorites from their latest mainline release. Here’s “When I Could Do Nothing:”


One of Tony Jarman’s signature songs over the years has been the popular tenor feature of the classic, “Little Is Much.” It was mentioned from the stage that he auditioned for the Down East Boys with this song.


The Down East Boys have never been known for A Capella songs (they don’t like them!), but they certainly possess the harmonies to pull one off. Evidence of that is shown with “Life’s Railway To Heaven.” I included the setup, but if you just want the music, it starts at the 4:06 mark.


I went into the concert hoping the group would do their current radio single, “I Won’t Trade My Crown.” I thought it was probably their strongest song to date, and I was pleased to hear them end the concert with it.

3 Comments to “Youtube Feature: Down East Boys”

  1. Great! I enjoyed the concert as well. It was noted that there were some vocal issues due to it being a long Christmas layoff – but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I was hoping you’d note the strength of the solos. While most people know Tony and Ricky, I think that Daryl and Stuart are both exceptional – particularly on solos. Pat Barker of the Mark Trammell Trio gets a lot of love in the blogosphere but I think that in the middle of his range, there are few bass soloists as pleasing to the ear as Stuart.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Love Tony’s voice! I’m looking forward to watching these videos.

    I like “I Won’t Trade My Crown” too. There’s just one line that strikes me as little awkward, just from a purely poetic perspective—it’s the repeated line “I won’t change my decision.” Just something about the word choice and scansion on the word “decision” strikes me as a bit off.


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