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Gold City Posts Clips of “Somebody’s Coming”

October 30, 2011 By: Aaron Category: Gold City, SG Artists, SG Music

A look at Gold City’s Facebook reveals that the group has clips of the new project up. Here’s the playlist from their Bandcamp page:

It seems that two songs that were on the original list have been cut. One, of course, is “I Stand Redeemed,” which was removed after Josh Cobb’s departure. The other song is “Heaven,” which was the Michael English hit from the 90s that was also to be a tenor feature. Other differences I noticed is a change in key and new instrumentation on “Peter, James, and John,” as well as a rearranging of the song order.

The music player states the release date to be November 15, and these clips have me excited to hear the full release.

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8 Comments to “Gold City Posts Clips of “Somebody’s Coming””

  1. Still sounds like Gold City!! YaY!!!

  2. Honestly it’s sounding pretty good. It’s just that I feel this odd disconnect from the group personally—they began going through their flurry of group changes at around the time I really started listening to them, so I feel like I’ve never had time to connect as a fan.

    • I would strongly encourage you to give this lineup a chance! :)

      • I’ll consider it… it’s just that now I feel like it’s better to keep a distance because it’s liable to change yet again any minute!

        • I have a feeling this will be one that sticks. Regarding the most recent changes, Dan Keeton is living his dream right now, and from what I can tell, so is Jerry Pelfrey. I think they’ll be around a while!

          • quartet-man says:

            Not to be a naysayer or imply anything (I truly don’t mean to), but talking the general principle, it being people’s dream jobs (although contributing) doesn’t mean it will last. There have been instances even within Gold City (I believe) where that could have been said and yet didn’t change the fact that one side or the other caused separation from the group.

            • True. I was more referring to the fact that both parties are happy at this point. Barring some circumstance that would cause a departure (I’ll let you fill in that blank), this should finally bring GC some stability.

      • Amen..This is an awesome lineup for GC. I have listened to GC since they began and have every album they have ever put out and I have to say this is in no way a let down. As fan’s of GC I think we have just had it so good for so long where the tenure of singers has allowed us to more easily connect to the group. I would encourage anyone to go to a concert nice and early and get a few minutes to talk to the guys. Dan is the real deal down to earth guy, Danny is so open and easy to talk to and Tim, well Tim is “Joe Cool” Tim, easy to talk to, funny and a wealth of experience and spiritual insight..Haven’t met Jerry yet, but based on the kind of guys Tim and Danny have hired in the past, I’m doubtful he will disappoint! Bottom line-Can’t help but love em’, They are in a league all of their own!!


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