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Gold City Releasing “Somebody’s Coming”

October 14, 2011 By: Aaron Category: Gold City, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

At long last, Gold City is completely finished with the project that they have spent over a year and a half, and a couple of lineup changes, making. The announcement was made this morning on Gold City’s Facebook page:

It is finished!!!!!!!!!! Our new CD will be available the first week of November!!!!

There you have it. Now, maybe Gold City can get this behind them and look ahead to the future with this great new lineup.

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8 Comments to “Gold City Releasing “Somebody’s Coming””

  1. Wonderful!

    I hope that is not the final cover image. It isn’t the design… but the image has CLEARLY been edited (and POORLY) behind Dan’s head. I wouldn’t think that it could go to press like that. Even without enlarging the image, you can see the bad spots, especially above Dan’s shoulder.

  2. Wow. You’re right. I love the picture. But there is additional photo editing needed. And that’s a pretty simple fix.

  3. I just want to hear music from Gold City, I hope the cd comes in out November and they can move on with this lineup for years to come.

  4. Awesome. Want to hear it!

  5. I am interested to see the final song list. The one on Provident’s website still has “I Stand Redeemed” on it, which was reportedly removed after Josh left. I would think that they would’ve made some changes based on their changing sound. Then again, I could be wrong….after having to recut the lead and tenor parts at least twice each, I’m sure there comes a point where they say, “You know what, let’s just do it, get it out, and we’ll worry about it next time.”

  6. Carla Lane says:

    Can’t wait to hear this! The long awaited Gold City new cd!


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