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Youtube Feature: Gold City with Jerry Pelfrey

October 08, 2011 By: Aaron Category: Gold City, SG Artists, SG Music, Youtube

Last night, I attended a Gold City concert about 45 minutes away from me, and took plenty of video of the event. Rather than write a review, I’ll let the videos speak for me.

This was my first time seeing them outside of NQC since Brent Mitchell and Craig West were still with the group. I was looking forward to hearing Dan Keeton with them, as well as hearing new lead singer Jerry Pelfrey. He has only been with them for a couple of weeks. Take a look at how the sound has come together:

Gold City wasted no time in putting Pelfrey out front. Here he is featured on “Where Is God?”

“When He Blessed My Soul” has become increasingly popular since Tim Riley’s return, and Youtube is chock-full of videos of Gold City singing it, but stick around for the final phrase of the encore. My jaw dropped; any doubts I may have had about Dan Keeton or Jerry Pelfrey are gone.

Dan Keeton’s upper range certainly got a workout in this concert; here’s “Oh What A Savior.”

The Jerry Pelfrey-Ivan Parker comparison runs strong on “One Scarred Hand.”

They brought back this Steve Ladd hit feature with Josh Cobb, and then I don’t recall them ever singing it with Brent Mitchell. Dan Keeton did it at the Song of a Lifetime showcase at NQC 2011, and has apparently brought it to concerts now as well. Great choice!

“Peter, James, and John” is starting to grow on me. And yes, I was told this project will be out soon. Pelfrey is wrapping up his part on a couple of songs, but everything else is set.

They sang this one at NQC, too, and “In My Robe Of White” is another one that kind of went away for a while after Steve Ladd’s departure.

Here’s the song you all have been waiting for to see if Pelfrey is a good fit: “Midnight Cry.” Take a listen!

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22 Comments to “Youtube Feature: Gold City with Jerry Pelfrey”

  1. Ruth Voorhees says:

    Thanks Aaron for these videos. Even though I was sitting next to you at the concert I loved being able to see them.

    • You’re welcome! It was a good concert to get videos of; best one of theirs I’ve been to since they came to Halesford not long after Josh Cobb and Roy Webb joined!

  2. Josh Creasey says:

    My wife and I were there last nIght at the concert as well! Gold City still got it! They are awesome! I had the pleasure to meet you one time before. You couldn’t understand me. It’s ok! I have been reading your blogs for a good while now. Keep up with what you are doing!

    • Glad you enjoyed yourself at the concert! I think I remember meeting you at a Tribute Quartet concert in Lynchburg. Thank you so much for reading, and for your encouragement!

  3. Nate Stainbrook says:

    Thanks for the videos Aaron, I really like Jerry’s voice. I am guessing that he will be getting Craig’s solos on the new album, and they will just leave Craig’s voice on the songs where he didn’t get a solo…

  4. I will be honest, the rendition of “Preach the word” is probably the best I’ve heard since steve. Dan’s delivery was spot on perfect with all his timing on that song. It was very nice to hear it done right!

  5. Jason Chattin says:

    Hi Aaron. I was there too. I was about four pews back behind you. I saw you on the front row. It was an awesome night and Tim is better than ever. The rest of the guys will be one of their top lineups if they stick together. Everyone was great but Dan Keeton really surprised me. Anyway, sorry I didn’t get to meet ya

  6. they sound better than ever! love the Pelfrey-Parker comparison, lol..it’s uncanny. I love it, though….good fit for them..I’m opening up for and emceeing a concert in two weeks with them and the Bowling Family, so I’m looking forward to hearing all these in person…gonna be a fun time

    hey, got a tech question…how did you get your videos in HD quality..ive got a camera that records video in HD, but when I uploaded to YouTube the quality automatically diminished quite a bit..any thoughts?

    • My camera records in HD as well, but just to be safe, I produce the video first using a program called PowerDirector 9 and using the video enhancement option. I upload it to Youtube after that and it turns out great.

  7. Lynn Pollard says:

    Aaron…great videos! I think this is the best I’ve heard GC! I really wanted to be there but I was up the road in Waynesboro at the “other” concert. LOL!
    I can’t wait until I get to see them myself!

  8. Jerry sounds great on these songs. Would love to hear the group return to the sound they had in the 80s to mid 90s.

    Their song selection has been weak for the most part since after Are You Ready? (Besides Walk The Talk, which was superb.) However, if Peter James and John is any hint of how good the songs are gonna be on this album then I have hope.

  9. Jim Mccoy says:

    Jerry “Punkin” Pelfrey is an awesome lead singer. Really enjoyed hearing him when he sang with the Rowlands. If anyone deserves to be on the grand stage with Gold City its Jerry. Great choice for the group. He will represent the Lord and Gold City well!

  10. They have a great sound now. Please keep it together!! That first ending of “When He Blessed My Soul”….awesome. Tight, clean sound. No vibrato. They sound awesome.

    • Both endings were great. The second one especially shows a lineup that more closely harkens back to the Parrack days than anything they’ve had since that time. I think everyone needs to just give Gold City a chance to prove themselves; they have more than the goods for it!

  11. Wow! thanks for posting. chill bumps! Hope this lineup will stay!

  12. I have been knowing Jerry since he sang with a regional group called the Choo Choo City Boys. He is an awesome singer and a Wonderful friend. I can’t think of a better person to sing with an awesome group.

  13. Eric Ammerman says:

    Thanks for publishing these great videos. I have known Jerry for about 6-7 years now and I hope he stays with the group for a long, long time he is sounding great already!

  14. Jeff Sherrell says:

    I want to hear them in person, but it may be a while before I get the chance. I will say that from these clips, this is the best sound they’ve had since Jonathan left. Preach the Word was amazing. Gave me “glory bumps.”


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