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Youtube Mega-Roundup 7/22/11

July 23, 2011 By: Aaron Category: Promise, Ryan Seaton, SG Artists, SG Music, Youtube

In my absence last week, several news items cropped up in the Southern Gospel world, the better part of those being personnel changes. I don’t have much more to say on these developments that hasn’t already been said by the other bloggers, so I’ll encourage you to check out their posts on those. However, what I will post about is a plethora of recent video finds that piqued my interest:

First up is this collection of videos from a recent Gold City appearance:


Since the hire of Dan Keeton to the tenor slot, Gold City has brought back several songs they haven’t sung in years, this one being probably the most notable revival. I believe I posted another video of this a while back, but Keeton’s confidence and delivery has really developed on this song. Those that have pined for the Parrack-Trammell era of Gold City won’t find much to complain about with this lineup. I sure hope this group can keep together and produce original material soon.


Another Dan Keeton feature that has only gotten better with time. I read someone compare Keeton’s style of singing this song with that of the great Rosie Rozell. What a fine compliment for any tenor.


This one’s just a mashup of different songs from the concert. Thanks to Diana Brantley of SGConcerts.com for capturing some of this concert!

Next up, after the dissolution of the Statement of Faith trio, Promise was born, and David Mann has posted some videos of the new trio:


This is probably my favorite clip out of what I’ve seen of the group so far. “Had It Not Been” is a great song, and the group does it well. However, for a group that has been together such a short time to do an A Capella reprise and nail it is very impressive. Lead singer TJ Evans is featured on the solos here.


It’s about time someone brought back this Greater Vision classic. Solos here go to baritone David Mann, with tenor standouts on the last chorus by James Bell.


Like the Gold City concert, this video is a compilation of several songs. The church’s pastor joins the group on a couple near the end.

Finally, there have been videos floating around for quite a while of a group that Ryan Seaton has at some of his solo dates, consisting of Toby Hitchcock on tenor, Seaton at lead, Andrew Goldman on baritone, and Aaron McCune singing bass. Now, there’s a new video of a past concert that Seaton just posted on his Youtube channel of their rendition of the EHSS arrangement of “Boundless Love”:


A couple of interesting things about this video: one, hearing Ryan take Ernie’s first tenor standout on the chorus shows a nice higher end to his voice. The second is this: I could just be reading into it too much, but this is Ryan Seaton’s official Youtube account, and I believe this is the first time I’ve seen him label a clip of this group as the Ryan Seaton Quartet. As one commenter said: “Foreshadowing?” Things that make you go “Hmm…”


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10 Comments to “Youtube Mega-Roundup 7/22/11”

  1. I have often thought that if Doug Anderson should ever feel God calling him to step down from Signature Sound, Andrew Goldman would make an excellent replacement. I believe he would be Ernie’s first choice too.

    • I seem to recall when Ernie put together that hypothetical quartet on Daniel Mount’s blog, it was Jeremie Hudson at tenor, Joseph Habedank on lead, Andrew Goldman at the baritone slot, and Ian Owens singing bass. Interestingly enough, this was within days of the announcement that Owens was joining Signature Sound. I agree with you that Goldman would get the job should Doug leave.

      • Yes, that was actually one of my questions. I mentioned Andrew because Ernie had specifically named him.

        Doug’s shoes would be tough to fill, of course, but Andrew is a very bright young talent indeed. I think he may be to the baritone position what Riley Clark is becoming for tenors.

    • Goldman reminds me somewhat of Fowler from his Cathedrals days.

  2. quartet-man says:

    Since there is four of them, or course it stands to reason there would be four shadows. 😉

    • HA! Well played. 🙂

    • LOL That took me a little while to get!

      I made the foreshadowing comment, and part of it was because Ryan was in the studio this past week and had a photoshoot, which the other three were also involved in. Add that to the fact that the video posted this week was from a February concert. Also, on one of Ryan’s Facebook posts from in the studio, a commenter wrote: “this is one of the best kept secrets in the industry (but NOT for long!!)”

      Things that make you go “Hmm…” indeed.


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