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First Look: Legacy Five’s New Pianist, Trey Ivey

March 08, 2011 By: Aaron Category: Legacy Five, SG Artists, SG Music

While doing some work on my Youtube account, I came across this video in my subscriptions feed and was immediately intrigued. Via user texjoy777 has a high-quality video up that is the first clip I have seen since Ivey took over the piano bench from Tim Parton recently. With tenor Gus Gaches featured on a song the quartet has done since its inception, here is a piano-and-vocals version of “Holy Is Thy Name:”

After hearing and viewing this clip, there is no denying that Scott Fowler made the right hire in Trey Ivey. His style is refined, not too flashy, and does a great job of backing up and  complimenting the vocals. That is the way piano accompaniment should be done, and hiring a young player that understands and utilizes that concept pays off.

By the way, this is Ivey’s fourth concert with the group. The fact that he is comfortable to be “put out front,” so to speak, so soon tells me he is a great fit.

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4 Comments to “First Look: Legacy Five’s New Pianist, Trey Ivey”

  1. Oh my word! This is jaw-droppingly good! I much prefer Gus’s rendition over Josh’s. And Trey fits right in.

    Great find.

  2. Could not agree more with that assessment of Trey!

  3. I love this song. Actually… I knew the man who wrote it. His name was Bill Henry and he was a member of my father’s church in Texarkana, Texas. He wrote many amazing songs! He was my dad’s music director until he passed away of cancer…. In fact he wrote this song while he was sick. I remember my family had gone over to his house so my dad could pray with him and after they talked for a while he got up off the couch and went over and started playing this song… He was so sick and looked like we was about to fall off the piano bench… But he was sitting there singing “there’s no other name with a healing touch, no other name that I love as much” with tears rolling down his face. Afterwards he and my parents sang for a while… It was the last time I ever heard him sing. He was an amazing man. I’m so glad that at least one of his songs still lives on and touches people.

  4. shelby diiro says:

    hey there legacy five i can not wait for saturday to come so i can meet all of you guys on saturday and talk with you guys a little bit before the concert some and after the concert and take lots of pictures befor the concert and after the concert.


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