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Thoughts on NQC 2010: Saturday Night

September 19, 2010 By: Aaron Category: NQC, SG Artists, SG Music

1. This NQC has brought some surprising lesser-known groups to my attention. DBM has already mentioned them, but the Penny Loafers got a one-song feature early tonight on mainstage, and did some pretty cool stuff in an a capella arrangement of “Goodbye World Goodbye.” I would describe the sound as Take 6 meets barbershop meets Southern Gospel quartet. Color me impressed.

2. Triumphant started off their set with an acoustic feel, opting for piano-only accompaniment on “Somebody Died For Me” and “Don’t Let The Sandals Fool Ya.” My hat is always off to groups that still sound good without tracks. Although a track did kick in later for “He Is,” the good sound continued.

3. Biggest response for any one singer tonight (or possibly the whole week) goes to Trent Adams of the Dixie Echoes. The crowd roared after every verse of his solo feature, “Child Of The King.” His is a voice that is smooth and deep, and he never strays out of his comfort zone. The crowd response would have been the same even if Randy Shelnut hadn’t mentioned beforehand that Adams is only nineteen years old.

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2 Comments to “Thoughts on NQC 2010: Saturday Night”

  1. Robert Wimberley says:

    Hi Aaron, Great blog. Been following for sometime. Did you get to make the 100 year celebration to see all of the great reunions? If so, what are your thoughts. I watched from home and thought the Hinsons & Gold City hit it out of the park! The Singing Americans were what I was waiting for and they did a great job… Rick Strickland shouldn’t have reached for that note on Glory Road. But it was awesome to hear those guys again..

    One last question… Did you hear Dwayne Burke say that he had gotten the rights to the “Live and Alive & Black & White” projects and had remastered them into one double disc CD?

    He said he had a booth and they were for sale while they lasted. This is great for those in attendance. Do you have any idea how I can get ahold of someone who might put me in contact w/ Dwayne so I can purchase one of these Cd’s???

    Thanks and keep up the great posts!

    Robert W.

    • Thanks for reading the blog!

      I did make it to the 100th Anniversary Celebration; I just didn’t post about any showcases this year. I thought all the groups you mentioned were fantastic. Another worth hearing was the Rambos. Their set was well-performed and arranged.

      I have no clue how to contact Dwayne, but yes, I did hear them announce it. I wish I had gotten a copy.


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