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CD Review: Gold Harbor – It’s All Good

September 12, 2009 By: Aaron Category: CD Reviews, Gold Harbor, SG Artists, SG Music

Rating: 4 stars

Producers: Gold Harbor
Label: Nazareth Music Group
Website: www.goldharbormusic.com

Gold Harbor is a relatively new group in the SG circuit. They started out as a quartet, but this latest product sees them as a mixed trio. Regular readers of Musicscribe will probably remember this less-than-favorable review of their first project back when they were a quartet. The obvious question is, has there been any improvement at all? And believe you me, I asked myself this same question from the time I agreed to do this review till I popped it into my laptop for the review session.

I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. It seems that the members of the group read DBM’s review and went to work improving all the aspects that weren’t so good the last time around. The graphic design for the cover is much more respectable looking than the previous CD, and it’s obvious that the engineers knew what they were doing with the sound this time. Another improvement would be that no vocalists strays out of range.

Songs and styles of this album range from country, like the opening track “I’ll Never Track” and “A Few More Miles,” jazzy (“A Miracle For You,” “Don’t Let Satan Steal Your Time”) and, of course, the slow, pretty ballads (“Let Your Holy Rain Fall Down,” “I Know That He Loves Me,” “Just Something I’m Going Through.”) The Johnny Nash tune “I Can See Clearly Now” even gets a spot on this project, getting a funky jazz treatment. The album closes with the old hymn, “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” which is a nice close, but the arrangement overall doesn’t catch my attention.

I give this project a four star rating, because while it is decent, the Johnny Nash tune was just out of place, both stylistically and musically. Other than that, the album is a good showcase of what the group is capable of. I commend them on the vast improvement they have shown thus far between projects. A group with a work ethic like that deserves recognition.