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New Lead Vocalist For N’Harmony

February 16, 2009 By: Aaron Category: Mercy's Mark, N'Harmony, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

In a surprising move, Shane Dunlap released this statement today:


N’Harmony Announces New Lead Singer

Nashville, TN – N’Harmony is pleased to announce the addition of fan favorite Josh Feemster as the new lead vocalist for the group. “We are honored to have Josh joining us in our ministry”, states Shane Dunlap. “He is one of the finest singers in gospel music today and we look forward to working and traveling with him.”

With the addition of Josh at the lead position, Shane Dunlap will be assuming the baritone vocalist position. Feemster’s first concert with N’Harmony will be held at Temple Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC on Good Friday April 10, 2009.

To learn more about N’Harmony’s touring schedule, please visit www.nharmonymusic.com or www.dominionagency.com.

My intial thought is; Josh Feemster is back? Awesome! I’ve been really wanting to see him back with a group ever since he left Mercy’s Mark, and since the group he was trying to put together didn’t go through, he couldn’t have picked a better lineup of vocalists to go with.

A question does arise, though, that I hope a future press release will answer; since Dunlap has opted to move to the baritone slot, does this mean that N’Harmony has gone the Gaither Vocal Band route and employed a five-man lineup, or has Chris Whitaker left the group and no one knows it yet? If the latter is the case, it would be a real shame; Whitaker is one of the finest baritones on the road today, and I was very impressed with him on N’Harmony’s latest project, Favorites.

I’ve said before, keep an eye on this group, because they will go far if they can keep together. I say that now more than before, especially if they are going for the five-man group.

Welcome back, Josh!

Update: Several have contacted me to say that Chris Whitaker has indeed left the group and his future plans are to be announced soon.

Further Update: I had a suspicion that this would be the case, but it seems that Chris has joined Mike & Kelly Bowling:

Popular Southern Gospel trio, Mike & Kelly Bowling have announced the addition of tenor Chris Whitaker to the group’s line-up. According to Mike & Kelly, “Chris has so much to offer our group. Not only does he possess an incredible lead voice and a natural ability to sing harmony, he has a passion for ministry.” “Kelly and I believe Chris is a perfect fit for our group,” stated Mike. “We are so happy to have Chris as a part of our ministry and are excited about the future.”

Chris grew up in Hamilton, Mississippi where he began singing in church at the age of 10. His family moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2005. Chris married Tara Leonard in February of the same year. They now have one child, Robert Colton Whitaker, who is 9 months old. Chris is no stranger to Southern Gospel music. He has performed full time for several years within the Southern Gospel industry. Chris added, “I am extremely excited about singing with such a wonderful group and family. I am most looking forward to ministering to those who are lost.”

The addition of Chris came on the heels of Mike & Kelly Bowling’s hit single “A Miracle Today” reaching number one for March 2009 on the National Radio Chart according to the Singing News Magazine. It is the third consecutive number one from the trio. “A Miracle Today” was written by Becky Isaacs Bowman and Sonya Isaacs and is the second number one for Mike & Kelly Bowling from the writing duo. “Your Cries Have Awoken The Master” was the Singing News 2008 Song of the Year and topped the charts in August 2008. The Singing News Song of the Year is selected according to a point system assigned to radio singles for their duration on the National Radio Chart throughout the year. The Song of the Year announcement came at the one year anniversary of Mike & Kelly Bowling’s first number one song written by Carroll McGruder, “We Have A Saviour.” Their current single, “Notified” was written by Ronny Hinson and is currently playing on radio stations worldwide. All four singles are included on Mike & Kelly Bowling’s debut Canaan Records release Faith To Believe. Word Entertainment distributes the newest project to stores worldwide and was released on August 12th.

Also, Mike & Kelly Bowling are currently looking to add a full time piano player. Interested musicians can e-mail their information to mikeandkellybowling@hotmail.com .

For booking information on Mike & Kelly Bowling, contact The Beckie Simmons Agency (615-595-7500, http://www.bsaworld.com or e-mail: beckie@bsaworld.com.) For more information on Mike & Kelly Bowling or to order Faith To Believe, visit http://www.mikeandkellybowling.com or Canaan Records, http://www.canaanrecords.com . For radio information, contact The Rick Hendrix Company ( rick@rickhendrix.com ) or call 615-662-4848

Mike & Kelly won’t miss a beat, as Chris’ voice will fit in great with theirs. I look forward to hearing this group in the future, especially once they hire a piano player.