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Concert Review: Greater Vision in Waynesboro, VA 10/18/08

October 20, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Greater Vision, SG Artists, SG Music

I got to catch a concert with Greater Vision at the First Presbyterian Church in Winchester, VA. What a night of great music!

1. Tell Me The Story Of Jesus
2. The Source Of My Song
3. He’d Still Been God
– I scribbled in the margins after this one that Jacob Kitson is definitely a more solid tenor than Jason Waldroup. The group is sounding better than ever these days!
4. God Will Pass By
5. My Name Is Lazarus
6. Share It With Jesus
– Gerald introduced this as a song that they actually re-recorded on their newest project, Not Alone. It was orignally recorded 18 years ago on the group’s 1991 project, On A Journey.
7. Little Is Much – this is the second time that I’ve heard Jacob Kitson sing this song live for myself, the first time being at a Cathedrals Remembered concert in Winston-Salem, NC. Jacob absolutely NAILED the ending, proving once again that Youtube videos are not the best source to form an opinion on someone’s sound. This got a standing ovation.
8. You Better Hurry Up
9. A Mighty Fortress
– Wow! This song brought the audience to their feet again. Absolutely powerful singing from all three guys.
10. Faces
11. I Want To Know That You Know
12. Champion Of Love
– Using the modified arrangement for Greater Vision (a half-step lower keyed), it is less taxing on the singers. Kitson handles the high ending well, and Gerald Wolfe’s solo is top-notch.


13. Oh Holy Night – Yet another standing ovation.
14. It Means Just What It Says
15. You’re Not Forsaken
16. Common Garments
– there’s two things interesting about this song: it was Jacob’s first time ever singing it (he did a good job), and it was also sung per request of some Brazilian missionaries that attended the concert. And by Brazilian missionaries, I mean missionaries from Brazil to the US. Gerald remarked from the stage that we needed them now more than ever; he is right.
17. So Much God
18. Gerald Wolfe Piano Solo – Sweet Hour Of Prayer
19. It Pays To Pray
20. I Know He Heard My Prayer

Final Thoughts: Greater Vision’s current lineup is one of their strongest to date, and they put on a great concert. See them as soon as possible if they come to your area!