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Shannon Smith To Leave The Imperials

May 31, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Mercy's Mark, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Imperials

I had heard a couple rumors here and there of this, but it seems that Daniel Mount has confirmed it. Scott Allen, formerly of Mercy’s Mark for a very short time, will be filling in, and an official announcement is coming soon.

I wish Shannon well in his endeavor as a Minister Of Music. I enjoyed hearing him with The Imperials, and I know he will do a great job.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing Scott get the job, seeing as he sort of got the rug jerked from under him with the Mercy’s Mark thing. He’s a very talented guy!

News Roundup

May 30, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Greater Vision, Lari Goss, Legacy Five, Prayer Requests, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, The Dove Brothers

My take on some news items of interest these past couple of days:

Lari Goss Diagnosed With Cancer: I had heard rumblings of this, and a short bit in Greater Vision’s newsletter today confirmed it. He was unable to be in the studio with them recently, and according to Gerald:

“Our friend, producer / arranger, Lari Goss was not able to be in the studio with us, so we were able to use video-conferencing technology to allow him to be involved in the sessions. Our engineer, Bob Williams, was able to provide Lari with the same “audio mix” we were hearing in the studio, and we were able to hear Lari speak back to us through our headphones. We also set up a lap-top computer in the studio so we could see Lari, and he could see us as we recorded. We called it “Virtual Lari”, and it was an amazing experience!…. Lari was recently diagnosed with a rare form of Tracheal Cancer, and is currently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville.”

Dove Brothers Raise Prices On CDs
: Hoo boy…. I could tell when this was announced that an onslaught of angry fans would show up, and they did. However, a smart move on DBQ’s part in sending out an email later that only their online store prices would rise, not those at retailers or their product table. They are also implementing digital downloads of their complete discography, as is Legacy Five.

Soul’d Out Quartet Hires Piano Player

May 23, 2008 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Soul'd Out Quartet


Soul’d Out Quartet (SOQT) announced this week.. the addition of Michael Howard as their piano player. Matt Rankin, owner and manager of the group had this to say about Howard, “SOQT is honored to have such a talented individual join our team! We couldn’t ask for a better young man to be our piano player. Michael exemplifies the characteristics of a Christian and has the qualities SOQT looks for in its members.”

Howard started playing piano when he was only six years old. He first enjoyed playing hymns but found a new love when he was introduced to Southern Gospel music. He has watched and listened to several of Southern Gospel’s finest piano players and hopes to continue the rich tradition of excellent musicians.

Michael resides in Hebron, Ky., and at 19 years old is the youngest member of the group.

visit www.souldoutquartet.com

This will certainly add a lot to SOQT’s sound and stage presence. Looking forward to hearing them with this new addition.

Pray For Steven Curtis Chapman

May 22, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Prayer Requests, SG And Other Genres

I was informed that Steven Curtis Chapman’s five-year old daughter was killed yesterday after being hit by a truck that Chapman’s 15-year old son was driving. It was accidental, and she was rushed to Vanderbilt hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

A situation like this hits very close to home, since I got my Learner’s Permit only yesterday. Please keep the family in your prayers…

Patrick Henry Hughes To Appear At NQC 2008

May 16, 2008 By: Aaron Category: NQC, SG And Other Genres, SG Industry News

From an SN Press Release:

Louisville, KY – The National Quartet Convention has announced the special guest appearance of Patrick Henry Hughes to the 2008 National Quartet Convention. The event is set to take place during the week of September 8 through 13 at the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center in Louisville, KY.

According to NQC Vice President, Clarke Beasley, Hughes will make a special appearance on Thursday, September 11. “We are thrilled to have this extremely gifted young man as a part of the 2008 NQC. His life and the devotion of his family have literally inspired our entire nation, and we believe his performance and testimony at NQC will be talked about for years to come.”

Hughes is a remarkable young man who was born without eyes and without the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs, making him unable to walk. Additionally, steel rods were surgically attached to Hughes’ spine to correct scoliosis. Despite unfathomable circumstances, Hughes overcame many physical adversities and has excelled as a musician and student. Hughes first began playing piano at just nine months of age, and currently participates in the University of Louisville School of Music Marching and Pep Bands. A virtuoso pianist, vocalist and trumpet player, Hughes has competed in numerous musical competitions and has been featured on ESPN, ABC-TV’s Extreme Make Over Home Edition, People Magazine and Sports Illustrated, just to name a few.

To obtain complete information regarding the National Quartet Convention and to purchase tickets for the all NQC events, call 1-800-846-8499 or visit http://www.natqc.com

This guy has a pretty amazing story. Check it out. I’m looking forward to seeing him at Convention, and it should prove to be a blessed night.

Legacy Five’s New Single

May 15, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Legacy Five, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

Noticed on SouthernGospelReporter.com’s Front Page player that it has the first single off of Legacy Five’s upcoming God’s Been Good project, “Hello After Goodbye.” According to a recent L5 newsletter, it is a tribute to the late Roger Bennett, written shortly after Bennett’s funeral by Jim Brady of the Booth Brothers.
Very good, powerful song. I can see it making at least Top 5 on the charts. If it’s any reflection of the rest of the project, this is gonna be a good ‘un, folks. Their last release, Know So Salvation, was good, but not great. Although, it seems it was good enough to make the Top 5 in the Fan Awards this year….
Go over and give the song a listen!

Greater Vision Names New Tenor

May 13, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Greater Vision, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Tribute Quartet

From a SoGospelNews article:

Greater Vision has named Jacob Kitson as the group’s new tenor. Jacob is from Yuma, Arizona, but has lived in the Nashville, Tennessee area for the last seventeen months, and will soon be relocating to Morristown.

Kitson, 24, is a graduate of Grace Baptist College in Gaylord, Michigan. He is the eldest son of Kevin and Gina Kitson, and has three brothers and eight sisters.

Jacob has traveled with the Tribute Quartet since their inception in 2006, and was a founding member of the group.

Gerald Wolfe states… “We are really excited about Jacob joining Greater Vision. The first time I met him, which was about one year ago, I knew he was a very special and gifted young man with a real heart for ministry. He was the first person to call me after the announcement of Jason’s departure, and he is the only person we actually auditioned. We knew he was the right man from the start.”

Rodney Griffin said… “I look forward to what the Lord has in store as Jacob joins our ministry. Jacob says he’s been a Greater Vision fan since he was a teenager. Now that’s he’s joining us, we’ll see how long he remains one! LOL”

Jacob commented…”I am looking forward to serving side by side each night with men who have dedicated their lives to a ministry of Christ-honoring Christian music. I can say this is a great honor and I’m pleased to be part of such a team.”

Jason Waldroup, who will be leaving Greater Vision in August, said…”I’m glad we’ve found someone who I believe is, first and foremost, a man of God. I’m sure everyone who meets him is going to love him. I hope to be a help to him anyway that I can during this transition. God has great things in store for Greater Vision.”

Jacob will begin traveling with Greater Vision in June, and his first official concert with the group will be August 6 in Lebanon, Missouri.

Greater Vision will be in the recording studio later this month working on Jacob’s debut recording with the group.

Hmm.. interesting move. I enjoy Jacob’s singing, especially on Tribute’s new single, “When Those Gates Open Wide.” I think he will be a good fit for Greater Vision.
Now, I wonder who Tribute’s new guy will be….

Update: For those wondering what Jacob sounds like, visit www.tributequartet.com and listen to the song on their front page. He is featured on the verses.

More Of The New Group

May 13, 2008 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Music

User DinanaSN finally put up more videos of the debut concert of the new group consisting of Josh Feemster, Craig West, Chris West, and an unnamed tenor. Brent Mitchell fills in, and does a great job! No word on a group name yet, and none on who their tenor will be. In the meantime, enjoy!

Somebody Touched Me
The Prodigal Son
Going Home
Singing With The Saints
Midnight Cry
He Came Down To My Level
I Bowed On My Knees

By the looks of things, we have another awesome quartet coming up! Josh Feemster and Chris West are still phenomenal at their respective positions, and that brother of Chris’ is none too shabby either. Hopefully their tenor will be a stellar vocalist as well (I’m sure he will be). If they keep that band, that’d really be something!

Singing News Fan Awards Picks

May 12, 2008 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music, Singing News Fan Awards

The Top 5 for each category in the SN Fan Awards were announced today. Since I’m assuming it gets narrowed down to one from here, these are my picks (in bold):

Favorite Artist of the Year

Booth Brothers
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Greater Vision It’d be a nice going-away present for Jason, and these guys deserve it anyway!
Triumphant Qt

Male Quartet
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Gaither Vocal Band
Legacy Five
Triumphant Quartet

Mixed Group
Collingsworth Family

Booth Brothers
Greater Vision
Jeff & Sheri Easter
Mark Trammell TrioThese guys have really come to the forefront of SG trios here in the past couple of years, and rightfully so. One of the most solid lineups for any group out there.
Talley Trio

Bishop, Mark
Lowry, Mark
Parker, Ivan
Parsons, Squire
Paschal, Janet

Booth, Michael Booth Brothers
Booth, Ronnie Booth Brothers
Parker, Ivan Soloist
Rice, Arthur Kingdom Heirs
Wolfe, Gerald Greater Vision


Easter, Sheri Jeff & Sheri Easter
Gooch, Karen Peck Karen Peck & New River
Hopper, Kim Hoppers
Paschal, Janet Soloist
Stuffle, Libbi Perrys

Young Artist

Fortner, Eli McKameys
Habedank, Joseph Perrys
Simpson, Josh Gold City
Thompson, Amber Nelons
Trammell, Nick Perrys

Horizon Individual
Barker, Pat Dixie Echoes
King, Sharron Kay Soloist
LeFevre, Jordan LeFevre Qt
Lile, Jeremy Brian Free & Assurance
Paschal, Daryl Down East Boys

Horizon Group
Aaron & Amanda Crabb
Crabb Revival
Crist Family
Soul’d Out Qt
Tribute Qt

Booth, Michael Booth Brothers
Free, Brian Brian Free & Assurance
Haase, Ernie Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Waldroup, Jason Greater VisionI’m foreseeing an emotional send-off to a tenor definitely worthy of this award one last time.
Watkins, Archie Inspirations

Booth, Ronnie Booth Brothers
Dibler, Matt Inspirations
Fowler, Scott Legacy Five
Wilburn, Jonathan Gold City
Wolfe, Gerald Greater Vision

Anderson, Doug Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Brady, Jim Booth Brothers
Campbell, Melton Inspirations
Griffin, Rodney Greater Vision
Trammell, Mark Mark Trammell Trio

Bennett, Eric Triumphant Quartet
Duncan, Tim Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Dustin, Glenn Legacy Five
Holcomb, Mike Inspirations
McCune, Aaron Gold City

Gooch, Karen Peck Karen Peck & New River
Greene, TaRanda Greenes
Hopper, Kim Hoppers
Ritchie, Charlotte Jeff & Sheri Easter
Talley, Lauren Talley Trio

Easter, Sheri Jeff & Sheri Easter
Hopper, Connie Hoppers
Stuffle, Libbi Perrys
Talley, Debra Talley Trio
Whisnant, Susan Whisnants

Collingsworth, Kim Collingsworth Family
Holt, Matthew Perrys
Parton, Tim Legacy FiveThis guy’s had alot of pressure on him in the past year as the successor to Roger Bennett’s piano bench. And he’s a darn good player, too!
Stice, Jeff Triumphant Qt
Varnado, Stewart Dixie Echoes


Bishop, Mark
Brady, Jim
Griffin, Rodney
Hinson, Ronny
Rowland, Kyla

Carry On Booth Brothers
Everyday People Greater Vision
Know So Salvation Legacy Five
Look No Further Perrys
Things Are Different Now Inspirations

Holy Shore Perrys
I Choose Ivan Parker
I’ve Been Changed Legacy Five
If You Only Knew Inspirations
It Means Just What It Says Greater Vision
Look For Me Booth Brothers
Prayin’ Man Brian Free & Assurance
The Great I Am Still Is Triumphant Qt
What We Needed Kingdom Heirs
You Are With Me McKameys

Videos Of Imperials Concert

May 12, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Concert Reviews, SG Artists, SG Music, The Imperials

To add to my review of the Imperials concert Saturday night, here are some videos of it:
Eagle’s Wings(?)
Praise The Lord
Arise My Love