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Josh Garner Embarks On Solo Career

February 05, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Josh Garner, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

From a Singing News website post:

Josh Garner Officially Embarks On Solo Ministry
by Staff

LIMESTONE, TN (Press Release) – There have been rumors and speculation that Josh Garner has joined several groups in Southern Gospel music, but he has confirmed with Singing News that he is only pursuing his solo ministry.

Most fans remember Josh as the lead singer for the legendary Florida Boys quartet, but upon their retirement, he took several months off the road. Josh is ready to start traveling again, and is booking solo and emcee engagements across the country, as well as promoting his latest solo recordings “Sunday Meetin’ Time” and “Rays Of Sunshine.”

You can visit Josh at his brand new website, www.joshgarnermusic.com.

I’m pleased with this news. Josh is a very versatile singer, so I’m sure he’ll do well in this new endeavor.

Crystal River To Disband

February 04, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Crystal River, SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

According to this forum post, the group is going their seperate ways.

It’s a real shame; they’re all great vocalists. Hopefully, they will find their way back into a group.

Concert Review: Legacy Five in Harrisonburg, VA

February 04, 2008 By: Aaron Category: Concert Reviews, Earl Brewer, Legacy Five, SG Artists, SG Music

Artist(s): Legacy Five

Venue: Eastern Mennonite High School Auditorium, Harrisonburg, VA

Once again, the guys have confirmed why they are one of my favorite quartets. Legacy Five comes to Harrisonburg every February, but this was the first time they had Tim Parton as a full-time piano player, not just a fill-in. Tim and the rest of the guys did a great job: they sang, they played, made us laugh, made us cry. It was simply a great concert.

A rough songlist, minus all the speaking, jokes, and such:

1. O, Say But I’m Glad
2. Strike Up The Band
3. Praise Him Medley (acappella, and it was fantastic!)
4. Know So Salvation
5. Tim Parton Piano Solo
6. Go Right Out (this was done in the four-guys-and-a-piano style, and I preferred that version to the one on their Know So Salvation CD.
7. On The Jericho Road (bass singer Glenn Dustin rattled the place!)
8. Why
9. Whosoever
10. Champion Of Love
11. Walk With Me
12. Tim Parton Solo (he played and sang a beautiful song called “God’s Been Good.” I really hope they include this on a future project.)
13. Scott leads audience in some hymns.
14. Where No One Stands Alone.

Another highlight was during the second half, Scott Fowler mentioned that legendary pianist Earl Brewer was in the audience (he sat a couple rows back from me.) Scott asked him to come onstage and play a song, and he did great! That was cool to see a living legend.

Video Of Dove Brothers "Stand By Me"

February 02, 2008 By: Aaron Category: NQC, SG Artists, SG History, SG Music, The Dove Brothers

You NQC-goers may remember this one from NQC 2006: Mcray Dove said since Ernie Haase & Signature Sound had just covered “Get Away Jordan”, then his group would just cover one of their hit songs, “Stand By Me.” I’ve never been able to find a video of this infamous event, but a couple days ago, a fan put one up on Youtube. It’s pretty good quality, considering it was shot from in the stands. Enjoy!

2008 SGN Awards Poll Open

February 01, 2008 By: Aaron Category: SG Artists, SG Industry News, SG Music

Here are my picks:

Song Of The Year: I Can Pray-Dove Brothers Quartet
Man, that was a powerful song! I can see this one being sung many, many years from now.

Album Of The Year: Back To The Roots-The Imperials
This was a hard category for me to narrow down; of the albums included, I really liked You Gotta Love It-Triumphant Quartet, Get Away Jordan-Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, and this one. I decided to go with Back To The Roots because it was not merely a cover album of Imperials songs; it truly felt as if you were hearing them for the first time.

Pacesetter: Dove Brothers Quartet
These guys made a huge impact on SG this year. It was actually my first time to hear much out of them, and they’ve quickly become one of my favorite groups.

Breakthrough Artist Of The Year: Tribute Quartet
I’ve really liked what I’ve heard from these guys. I’m hoping to get both of their albums when next NQC rolls around.

Male Vocalist Of The Year: Jerry Martin-Dove Brothers Quartet
This was another hard category to pick, but I went with Jerry. His delivery on “I Can Pray” was outstanding!

Female Vocalist Of The Year: Karen Peck Gooch-Karen Peck & New River
Her group’s album Journey Of Joy was fantastic.

Male Group Of The Year: Gold City
These guys really put any doubts of this “new generation” of Gold City to rest. I consider their current lineup to be right up there with any of their other ones.

Female Group Of The Year: Sweetwater Revival
I wasn’t really familiar with any on the ballot, so I just went with this one.

Mixed Group Of The Year: The Perrys
Simply outstanding group. I love the new album!

Best Live Performer: Gold City
I got to catch these guys in concert near my hometown, and I was absolutely blessed! Steve Ladd was still having vocal problems, but you couldn’t tell a bit.

Songwriter Of The Year (Artist): Jim Brady-Booth Brothers
He’s got some great songs out there right now.

Producer Of The Year (Artist): Ricky Free-Brian Free & Assurance
Every time this guy’s name is in the producer credits, you know it’s gonna sound great! Take a listen at BFA’s Christmas project if you don’t believe me.

Traditional Southern Song Of The Year: I Can Pray-Dove Brothers Quartet
I thought this song sounded sort of Progressive myself, but it’s awesome, so it gets my vote.

Traditional Southern Album Of The Year: Once Upon A Cross-Mark Trammell Trio

Awesome album with an awesome title cut. These guys blow me away every time I hear it.

Progressive Southern Song Of The Year: Last Night-Karen Peck & New River
Best song I’ve heard from this group in a while.

Progressive Southern Album Of The Year: Back To The Roots-The Imperials
I was kind of surprised to see this album under Progressive, but I guess with songs like “Water Grave” on there, it makes sense.

Country/Bluegrass Song Of The Year: He’s In Control-Austin’s Bridge
It’s a good song, with a sort of Rascal Flatts feel.

Country/Bluegrass Album Of The Year: Austin’s Bridge-Austin’s Bridge
I expect to hear great things from these guys in the future. They’re doing a great job of bringing SG to my generation.

Special Event Project Of The Year: A Little Christmas-Legacy Five
This album really helped to establish Legacy Five’s quality after the death of Roger Bennett in March 2007. A couple of highlights: Tim Parton’s solo on the album is great, and proves that he is not trying to be another Bennett. Also, Glenn Dustin’s feature blew me away with never-before-heard warmth. If this is what we can expect in future L5 releases, then bring it on!

Musician Of The Year: Tim Parton-Legacy Five
Not only is he a great player, but he took a big step by being Roger Bennett’s successor to the piano bench.

Fan Favorite Artist Of The Year: Dove Brothers Quartet
Like I said before, these guys made an impact!