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Archive for May 22nd, 2007

My Final Thoughts On Rev. Jerry Falwell

May 22, 2007 By: Aaron Category: Christian Community

The funeral was today, and God blessed it! The order was as follows:
1. Sounds of Liberty sang. Not sure of the title, possibly “May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful.”
2. Duke Westover, Executive Assistant to Dr. Falwell prayed.
3. Jim Moon, Lifelong Friend spoke.
4. Kendra Cook Penn sang “Finally Home.”
5. Harold Wilmington, Wilmington Bible Insitute spoke
6. Kim Goeglin, Special Assistant to the President, spoke and read the President’s address to the family.
7. Dr. Ronald Godwin, Exec VP at Liberty spoke
8. Mr. George Rogers, Friend and WWII Veteran spoke
9. Video Presentation to Doug Oldham singing “Thank You For Giving to the Lord”
10. Dr. Elmer Towns, co-founder, read Phil 1:3-26
11.Franklin Graham spoke
12. Jeannie Falwell spoke
13. Charles Billingsley sang “Going Home”
14. Jerry Vines shared the Gospel
15. Choir sang Hallelujah Chorus

Man, what an impact this man had. He was very influential on me, since I live in Bedford, a small town 20 minutes from Lynchburg. Many people these past days have criticized him for many reasons, but he things that none 0f them could ever do. He lead many people to Christ, and he unerringly preached the Word and nothing but the Word. He took a stand in politics that helped our country get godly men into the Oval Office. He helped Lynchburg grow as a city, which many wouldn’t care about, but those of us in the area are SO grateful. I pray that God will continue to bless Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University in the way He did when Falwell was alive. Rest in peace, Dr. Falwell, and I’ll meet you in the morning on the Other Side.