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Interesting Discussion On "Traditional" SG

April 24, 2007 By: Aaron Category: SG Music

Well, Daniel Mount had the same opinion as I did about Gold City’s Revival being a little Progressive. Here is where he gave me a whole different perspective…

Southern Gospel Music: Dying Or Not

April 23, 2007 By: Aaron Category: SG Music

Well, let’s beat around this dead horse…

It may have been discussed before, but it is interesting to see the different views come up; is the SG genre dying out?

Well, it’s definitely not considered “cool” anymore. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been listening to my iPod at school or somewhere else and have gotten ridiculed because of all of the SG I have on there. Remarks like “Dude, the Gaithers? My Grandma listens to them!” are quite frequently heard.

Does this necessarily mean it’s dying out? For most people, it already has. The majority of the population have gone the route of the more modern Christian music. Progressive SG or Traditional, it doesn’t matter; they don’t like it. Why? “It’s too preachy” or “I don’t wanna listen to my Grandpa’s music” are some reasons they give.

Now, I believe that it’s not dying. As long as God’s hand is in it, He will make sure that it will not! I’m part of a Myspace group that is all young people, teenagers and such (I’m 14) that love SG and all have an ambition to sing in an SG group. Traditional or Progressive, SG will not die, as we, the new generation, come in and join those we all listen to and love in praising our Lord!

SGN Awards Winners

April 22, 2007 By: Aaron Category: Anthony Burger, Booth Brothers, Crabb Family, Gold City, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Kirk Talley, LeFevre Quartet, Mike and Kelly Bowling, SG Artists, SG Industry News, Talley Trio, The Greenes, The McRaes

Well, as promised, here’s the list of who won what at the SGN Awards:

SONG OF THE YEAR: “Mountain Mover” – Talley Trio (written by Jim Brady, Barry Weeks and Tony Wood)
ALBUM OF THE YEAR:Rise Above – Talley Trio (produced by Roger Talley)PACESETTER:Gold City
MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR:Mike Bowling (Mike & Kelly Bowling)
SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR (Artist):Daryl K. Williams (Daryl Williams Trio)
SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR (Professional):Chris Binion
PRODUCER OF THE YEAR (Artist):Roger Talley (Talley Trio)
PRODUCER OF THE YEAR (Professional):Nick Bruno
MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR:Justin Ellis (Crabb Family)
TRADITIONAL SOUTHERN SONG OF THE YEAR:“Truth Is Marching On” – Gold City (written by Jim Brady, Barry Weeks and Tony Wood)
TRADITIONAL SOUTHERN ALBUM OF THE YEAR:Revival – Gold City (produced by Michael English, Ken Harding, David Lehman, Daniel Riley, and Michael Sykes)
PROGRESSIVE SOUTHERN SONG OF THE YEAR:“Sky Full of Angels” – TaRanda Greene (written by Burton Collins, Clay Mills, and Lisa Stewart)
PROGRESSIVE SOUTHERN ALBUM OF THE YEAR:Rise Above – Talley Trio (produced by Roger Talley)
COUNTRY/BLUEGRASS SONG OF THE YEAR:“Over & Over” – Jeff & Sheri Easter (written by Belinda Smith and Sue C. Smith)
COUNTRY/BLUEGRASS ALBUM OF THE YEAR:Graceland – Mike Bowling Group (produced by Mike Bowling)
SPECIAL EVENT PROJECT OF THE YEAR:The Best of Anthony Burger – Anthony Burger (produced by Bill Gaither)
RADIO PROMOTER OF THE YEAR:Rhonda Thompson (Rhonda Thompson Promotions){FAN FAVORITE ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Kirk Talley

Well, I can’t say I’m too happy with some of the awards. Such as the SONG OF THE YEAR.
Mountain Mover by The Talley Trio? Oh, come on! It’s a good song and all, but there were plenty of better songs on the ballot this year. And as I said in a previous post, Gold City’s Revival album sounded more progressive than traditional. But ah well, can’t change what happened. Now I want to see how the Diamond Awards and Singing News Fan Awards will turn out in a couple of months.

Concert Review: EHSSQ in Lynchburg, VA

April 22, 2007 By: Aaron Category: Concert Reviews, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, SG Artists, SG Music

This past Sunday, I had the marvelous opportunity to go to a free Ernie Haase & Signature Sound concert in Lynchburg, VA, 20 minutes from my house. The concert was held at Thomas Road Baptist Church, a name that most people recognize as the church led by Dr. Jerry Falwell, another familiar name in the Christian world. EHSSQ is the #1 group in SG music as far as sales and concert attendence are concerned, not to mention their talent.

I arrived at the venue at 4:30 (the concert was supposed to start at 6). Long lines had already formed, and I worried that my seat wouldn’t be good. But somehow I managed to get a 7th row, middle section seat. The guys didn’t take the stage till about 6:15, because the P&W team came out, offering was taken up, and 7 people were baptized.

Anyway, it was a rather short concert, but, IMHO, any SG concert is too short! 😀
The song list was as follows:
1. There’s Something About That Name/I Will Serve Thee
2. Someday
3. Glory To God In The Highest
4. I’m Tellin’ The World About His Love
5. Forgiven Again
6. I Pledge My Allegience
7. Pray For Me
8. Get Away Jordan
9. Then Came The Morning
10. Stand By Me

The evening was peppered with energy, power, and fun. One of the many funny moments was on the last song, when Ernie Haase told Dr. Falwell that they wanted him to come and sing one with them. Falwell declined, but Ernie said, “Well, pay attention, because when we come back in September with the Gaithers, you’re comin’ up and singin’ and dancin’ to this one!” Then they did their trademark Stand By Me song, complete with the ususal “choreography.”

For more info on the group, check out www.erniesigsound.com

Gold City Wins Three SGN Awards

April 19, 2007 By: Aaron Category: Gold City, SG Artists, SG Music

I must say I’m not surprised. Gold City is a group of remarkable caliber. Their sound is reminiscient of their 80s lineup. Anyway, the awards they took home were:

2007 Pacesetter Award (the biggest award a group can win in this awards program.
Traditional Southern Song Of The Year- Truth Is Marching On
Traditonal Southern Album Of The Year- Revival

The only problem I have with it is the last award: Traditional Album? Revival sounded a little on the Progressive side to my ears, but my opinion is just one of thousands, so…

I should have the full awards list and who won them sometime soon.